hello peeps, I been wondering and thinking should I do this post or maybe I post up later!? Because wanted to catch your attention here I scare you might be forget about this event too, lol. Am I over thinking now? haha. Back to Topic, as you guys know I am joining in Young Adult Group, Anakainos. We are having a Masquerade Event on the 28th of September. For publicity purpose, we have been having a short photo shoot session at church on the last Sunday. So here are some of the sneak peak and photo of us. We are changing our profile picture of wearing a mask, that suites our theme. =D

Kendrick will be our Photographer of the day.

Here's one with Allecia, credits to Joseph( my biii) I always think that when I am not smiling I looks super weird lol. haha

So I smile when the photoshoot start, lol and other people will just act cool because mask always bring this kind of feel right~

Like Irene, she is so cool and yeng in this photo >.< hehe
I really can't have this kind of model feel~~~ T.T

I also got lar, but you know the no-fringes style actually make me looks so weird xD But some how I still love it, I didn't smile with teeth pun, just look and astonished xD

Am trying different angle, just a light smile. Oh ya, Kendrick bring a spot light as well, so the room lights off and just with that one spotlight. You can see from the photo that the light is more on the left side of me =D

After the Pro Photoshoot, I am now selca with my own camera. Super relax and yeng de hor xD

My half body shot =D


This selca I got very big eyes, with lenses xD The pattern of the mask is so nice and unique, love how gold and blue mixed together. Gold is a striking color that every color looks so great with GOLD.

My nose xD

Loves my hair xD fuiyoh, everyone is at behind chit chating and selca lol.

Not forget, a MUST shot with my darling bii~~

With Michelle~

Found that this photo also very nice, although a bit blur xD We are acting cute BTW.

This mask got 3 different color too, I keep say we must take photo together with each different color, From left, Kendrick with Green, Me with Blue and Allecia with Black =D

Not forget have fun taking whole body shot too~~

My outfit: Fancy Blue mask, Rainbow Necklace (super love), Blue Tops from Wangsa Walk, Black leggings =D

Oh my, Love how my darling shot this =D

and this too!! Although there are some props behind, but the overall feel i still love it~

Kacau ing my darling photoshoot, he is helping out too!!

Prepare to UNMASK yourself~~

Not forget, I help my darling wear the mask and took photo too!! Super cute right xD Purposely put different direction.

okay, peeps here how YOU CAN JOIN OUR EVENT, you have just need to follow few steps. Not forget, when you see this and happened to be my friend and lives at KL. SO YOU ARE OFFICIAL INVITED TO OUR EVENT!! oh YEAH~~

STEP 1: Click the link above to have a view of our event.
STEP 2: Click the button "Going" which is where I pointed on the photo above.
STEP 2: Please send a msg to 
012 232 0801 ( Chew Aun Diong) 
016 231 8623 ( Allecia Ho 滿兒) 
State: Your Name and Gender. 

Okay, not to worry about the MASK or what so ever. We giving it as DOORGIFTS and we will MAKE SURE you'll have fun in this event!! =D There are performance, fun games and light refreshment waiting for you!! Come and support uss~~

uh huh, back to here. Having a small photoshoot again =D LOL

CLOSE SHOT, The purple lens not that obvious though =(

Specially requested my bii to help me take, my SUPER LONG hair. xD Waiting to set up, maybe by the end of the YEAR!? YAY or NAY =D


That's all peeps, hope you can support our event!!


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