ello peeps, having a tough weekend because of this event. Everything kinda last minutes and we been rehearsal and setup for 2 days, and each day end on 12-1am, LOL. Since I have already have heavy eye bags, plus few nights of 熬夜 seriously cannot tahan already. Finally after few nights of preparation, the night have come. =D I have work also!! = = beh song lol, so I reach church quite late also around 5pm only reach. Soweee, all of us have to make up and get ready at church also lol! So kinda rush for girls, especially spend more time on make up and set hair~ Some of us even go to saloon ler, haha. I did not lol. I have special stylist at church xD (jk jk*)

The crowds start coming by 6:30pm and we are kinda of rush because the setup not really complete yet!! LOL, Super gan jiong style already. I have to put the candle on the staircase,  Me and Kendrick is the deco and he is away to fetch his gf. After everything is done, is around 7pm already. We are free to hang out around with the crowds. One of the main thing I don't dare to speak to outsider because of my broken English, i tend to speak Chinese fluently. = =

Okay, story times =D

Registration counter . Choosing your mask =D

Photo booth of the day!!

Preparing and wearing mask

Have a fun time fighting with faked angle =P

Posing with a purple HAT~ I am so purple today =D

Love this shot with the pose. =D My OOTD, purple evening dress that are super LONG~

#7 Ange and Justin

#8 Me and Michelle

#9 Ximi and Kendrick

#10 The girls

#11 Just notice that Irene hug me and kiss me lol xD

#12 Peach yeah!!

#13 Me and Michelle

#14 Our first performance by Justin and Stephy. Both are so talented sing well too!! Super 

#15 Besides that, we are having so call King and Queen of the night, these are our Judges!!

#16 Ice-breaker time =D

#17 Been asking to go out because of my game partner, Know at least 3 new friends with 5 question!

#18 The emcee of the night is Johnny and Ruby =D

#19 The first Game of the night, 10 thing to collect according to the game master request item.

#20 Second game is, tie balloon and step on other group balloon. Although Our team didn't win any of the game, but mainly I just standing there because my dress is long enough to cover my balloon, LOL.

#21 Finger foods!! So nice all~ I just eat some from friend =P

#22 While we are having the delicious finger food, Ange has prepare a piano presentation for us =D

#23 No skit photo because darling Joseph is recording the video, will upload here once the video is done =D A word of sharing by Pastor Eric after skit =D

#24 Judges is here again~

#25 The finalist for the queen and king of the night.

#26 cat walking time!

#27 Winner of the game is Group 2 and 3!

#28 The forth runner up for the king and queen.

#29 Forth Runner up.

#30 3rd runner up.

#31 Second runner up.

#32 The king and queen of the event!!

Have a final cat walk by the Kind and Queen~

The event ends here, and everyone is not good to go because the fun is just to start!!


#33 With Adrian.


#35 Selca with the girls~


#37 The group Photo of the day!!

#38 Pretty lady


#40 Everybody is wearing GOLD mask except me =P


#42 Girlsss =D

#43 Guysss =D

#44 Blue Jess and Purple me =D

#45 With Pastor Francis Ho

#46 The Anakainos GANG~~


#48 With Chew Aun, he got that super hang fok face!! Funny ler!! hahahaha

#49 With one of my friend =D

#50 With Stephy the singer

#51 With my babes.

#52 Hug until so tigh >0< haha

#53 My act cute face =D

#54 With Adrian =D

#55 The game Master of the day.

#56 Couple selca

#57 Me!!

#58 After the event

#59 My purple MASK!!

#60 Deco flower ball!!

#61 The mask of our committee =D

For more photos:

Here's end my post. =D So happy on that day, everyone is putting their effort to looks good in this event. My first time spending time with my ji mui to make up to BAN LENG. Although everything comes last minute, yet our event is a SUCCESS!! Yeah, super happy and having a lots of fun with my gang and new friends =D oh ya, after the event end. Everyone is having a romantic dance with partner . I am having a sweet and romantic dance with my darling boy. I super like to dance romantic dance, under dim light, with the ones you love, sound AWESOME right~ haha. I know that nearly every night we late sleep and easy to get angry, but bii do apologies and I feel so touch. I feel grateful that, we will apologies on the wrong we do and try to be understanding and forgive! Although it sound so easy but is difficult to do. Everyday is a brand new day for us to learn and to love.=D



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