16th Months of Love

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holaaa, each month 18th is a special day to celebrate with my precious because is our months anniversary  Because my school is having exam, no OT for a week!! But i bump into the aircond guy and wash my 2 aircond for 5 hours until I am late for today date ~~~~~

Never mind back to topic, we decided to have our monthly date at Pavilion. I have not been there for quite some time already lol. Today we have our movie date also by watching Special ID by Donnie Yen. As usual  KL city is always jam! But luckily although we are late, I still manage to take bath and ban leng for today xD 

Movie starts at 7:15pm, reach there around 6:30pm. OMG!! We still manage to have sushiiiii at Sushi Tei together before the movie too lol. Hahas

Salmon with different kind of 鱼蛋 , if not wrong the green color taste wasabi lol. Hahas, not sure about the black color. I simply love how Q the taste from the egg^-^ hoho

This is my favorite part, luckily this sushi don't have much inside. I still can eat the fullness of the salmon taste, yummy!!

Beef bento that bii order, with cawamushi ^_^

Heres come my favourite miso soup! Haha

Salmon sushi again!! I always eat the salmon and let bii eat the sushi rice >~< super duper naugthy girl LOL

Not forget our selca of the day!! Bii always wear until super nice de~ haha

He like my dress today ♡♡


Selca ^-^

 Oh ya, not forget my order is this special fried udon, Yaki Hime Udon. Just feel like having noodles instead of rice, and they have specialty in UDON~ So I just go for a try =D The dish is quite special, taste pepper and very appetize! The udon is so chewy and smooth~~♡♡ nom nomm

They are other type of Udon dish they provide as well

After the movie, we still shopping around at pavilion. Not forget my #ootd

Bodycon Flower dress from F Block
blue Vintage sandals from Vincci
Lavender sling bag from Le beauty

See the flower?? This dress is a bit too sexy, Bii help me take different side of the dress ^_^

We went to Komugi to buy breakfast for tomorrow morning!! I saw this super cute slice cake~~

And saw many different shapes and colors of chocolates!!

The Cute bunny.

Saw this big 纸鹤 .

Know what is this!? Its Samsung Galaxy Gear~~~~ I saw Samsung open booth on the center of Pavilion, I keep tell bii, I want go down and see the Galaxy Gear~~~ Finally we are here and get to hold close with the Galaxy Gear, It's kinda heavy and metallic feel. haha!

The camera is 2 MP btw. Is same with mostly our front camera. haha The photo quality is not that bad too! But too bad it can only be synchronize with Galaxy Note III.I don't think I'm gonna need it as well =P

Galaxy Tab

Have a photo together with my favourite handphone brand before we left =D

Our last couple selfie on that day!!

My darling told me that the Special ID is not a very awesome movie to watch. Everyone is watching because of the famous Donnie Yen. Seriously the fighting scene is still very interesting, just the storyline is so so only. But its depend on one opinion lar!! haha Still I am very happy to watch my darling favorite Actor in this movie. So Maybe I rank it 7/10 =D

Feeling so loved when I was with you, I will never forget that You make me feel beautiful. Its you to make me blog again, make me feel soo loved and beautiful. My life will be so dull without you, I sometimes can;t even imagine my life without YOU. Because I always know whenever what situation I met, there is YOU around and comfort me. So you are very important in MA life, I know you are a great and perfect boyfriend to ME!! We are not a perfect person before we met each other, and that's what make us PERFECT 



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