Hi peeps, finally I have time to blog about Churp Out 2013!! It's my first time joining this kind of event. I am so happy and thrill because this event you can met a lots of other bloggers !! I am a super big fan of any Famous Blogger online, such as Bobo, Lumi, Jessica Chaw, Melissa Poh, Cheeser, Audrey as well!! I am so excited can't wait to meet them on that day.Sad to say, I am working on this Saturday as well, so I can't be there as early as 11am LOL. I reach Setia Alam, Setiawalk at 2:30pm. Haven't Lunch yet, so we headed for lunch at Wong Kok. After lunch, I even go for Gong Cha before heading to Churp Out just outside Setiawalk.

Have you sign in as their member yet? haha

Got mine now!! haha Super cute and tiny wan~

Reach #Churpout are!! Photo with the banner =D If you upload your photo with this big board and upload to instagram with #churpout2013 and follow  @Churp2 You get yourself a free Churp Out 2013 badge for yourself!! Am so ugly in this photo = =

Bump into Wowphotobooth for free photo!!Got into the long queue, and suddenly the rain started to fall. LOL So me and my darling stuck inside the tent here , I even saw my students performing the Ukelele for today event!! What a coincident!

I just know that this 2 is famous in their performing, don't know who are they T_T

Drawing booth, when the rain turn smaller, we went to booth beside and bump into famous online cartoonist. They are drawing cute block drawing for free for us!! =D


Busy busy drawing~~

This is both our drawing super kawaii horr!! 

After the rain stop around 5:30pm, FINALLY!! Because the rain is super HEAVY!! The field is full with rain water..urgh.. I start to visit the Fashion Bazaar just opposite~

The view with bubbles.

Sprayed Umbrella got the word The Hunger Game, and middle there was a model with the gown of FIRE!! 

More bubbless~~

Spraying the Alphabet on the umbrella.

Ukelele from Sunshine Kids, I got at least 4 students inside this group de LOL

Fashion Bazaar is full of bloggers and online boutique selling their cloths!! I even drop by and buy one peach skirt from Peep Boutique and pastel shorts from Phat Culture, not forget I buy one bracelet from 826closet too!!

The exchange gift counter and sales counter.

Play for free, win it and get for FREE!! haha

Anybody craving for chicken?


Never the last, One of the best thing I mention at first you get to meet famous blogger!! OMG, I am super shy when I first meet them, it was like meeting someone that I never thought I could meet them in real life>0< I know my english super BAD, lol, I even try to tell them that they are both so slim!! Instead I babble out skin!!wtf*** Feel like wanted to BANG wall already...zz.... I meet them when I was going to Churp Out event, guess they are going to washroom~~ SO happy once I saw them, gotta grab the chance to take photo =D

Bobo on my right and Cheesie on my left, like super BOSS lol me >.< shy**

Selca inside the tent!!

Saw Audrey in real person, she was so nice and cute~~ Keep smiling~~ My darling told her that I want to take photo with her, She was so nicee and take this cute photo with me xD wahaha She is so SLIM after she give birth to Fighter!! LOL!! jelly~~~

My ootd of the day, Sneaker turn from white to mud ~~ Because of the rain~~~
Dress from Novela, Leggings and Medium dunk Sneakers!!

This is how Meitu Xiuxiu effect on me LOL I touch up my eyebrow, blusher and lips LOL. haha

Conclusion of this event, everything turns out good~ Except the rain, LOL. My darling even complaint why the goodies bag is not with the bag~? LOL The rain basically mess up everything, SHOEs I mean. The event and programme are still very JENG, I think because of the rain some activities and perform got delay. I didn't stay until the event end, because our shoes are all soaked!! LOL We left about 6:30pm, manage to stay there for 2 hours include the rain. I actually hope that I can meet more blogger but because of the rain I just manage to meet with some! But still I am satisfied because got to take photo with them~~ They are just so SLIM and look darn pretty. haha. Hope to see them and join this event next year~ Woohoo~~

Thanks you for my darling for fetching me and accompany me to this event.



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