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Thursday, October 03, 2013 in

Just a simple post about my life, lol. As you guys know I just finish my masquerade event, I meant it preparing things in last minute sometimes really just pissed me off xD I bet when things doesn't went smoothly human are just really tend to get angry and pissed LOL Everyone do have a patience limit that we always hold on to our angry and one day it will burst out like gunshot. PIANG PIANG!! and you die all the way LOL

 I just don't know or its just happen or maybe I born to be like this, I TEND TO FORGET THINGS easily, no joke. Maybe some of you guys having the same situation like me also, but just some times I hate this kind of things happen when you FORGET SOMETHING IMPORTANT. Such as, you forget where you keep your money, or your keys, even when someone ask you to check properly yet you still forget!! Its kinda PISSED OFF. Super hate this forget feeling, when you forget something important in the mean time you might hurt the people close to you. This is quite troublesome for me, as I have too many money to keep(student), keys to some place. I actually have prepare everything I need before I really rush to get it. But there is just something I miss out =( Feel so frustrated and each time have to trouble my darling to help me settle.

Maybe I start to lost focus something, become lazy to remember stuff? I just need to catch up a little more, always sit down and think what should I bring when I need to go some place. Maybe I can just write it down on notes or? LOL Hope I can really catch up all the things I miss out. Maybe I can even try to drink 鸡精 to boost up my memory =P

Oh ya, having a busy weekend and haven't back to my body clock. So was quite tired for me =P Just didn't really get a lot and enough rest for me =D If sleep too much, I will have headaches LOL. Sleep less, I will get sleepy easily! wtf*

Just have a thought of a quote

I want or I can do is both different meaning;I WANT is what you really want and you do your best to make it happen;I CAN is you just can do it but is not you really want it from you heart.

I just think and it just came cross my mind,  I'm not sure that is it apply in your life. But is just came cross my mind, so I just feel like wanted to share it. To maybe let you think a while what you really want for your life, is it the things you ever wanted. Or you just wanted to make the people around you to be happy because you have done the thing that they want but is not really what you want. BIG opportunities just came once in our life, so you must go and grab it before it's too late =D

selca of me =D First time trying this effect and found it was so NICE!!



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