Hola, today is 1010 my super bii darling birthday!! So happy today, after work will be celebrating his birthday ~~

Today is a raining day =( Although we try to go Paradigm straight away, Damansara always JAM! In weather like this sure will be a bad jam lol. Anyway we jam for 45 minute, I just zz on the car , too tired ~.~

This crossaint is so NAISE with the egg mayo, is a hot + cold food.

We reach Paradigm and we saw there quite some people waiting at the entrance to wait for Donnie Yen. LoL That time already 6:40+pm, we didn't have a romantic dinner or what so ever. Instead we just eat at a small coffee cafe to have a light snack just in case we are hungry!

No Caffeine drink, so we order Vanilla Milkshake.

The birthday cake!! Strawberry Crepes, just normal taste the crepes is bit thick. Actually we eat until quite rush and didn't really have a romantic dinner with him.😯

Everyone is queing and pack at the entrance just to see Donnie Yen. Mostly female lar! Okay, Donnie Yen is my boy super big Idol!! He is quite shock and happy because he never thought of he would come Malaysia. So he ain't gonna let the chance slip by, and Donnie Yen some more come on his BIG DAY!! Woohoo

Maybe because raining gua, we waited for one hour only Donnie Yen arrived. Babe say he look quite tired when he went in. Everybody was like shouting and screaming, wanted to take his photo. But turn out he has many guard protect and this is the not blur photo I took LOL. Biii got his 70-200mm Dslr LOL. 

Because Donnie Yen went up the escalator, we have to take lift to the main stage.

Bii got one nice shot of him!! I can't see him clearly because there are too many people standing infront of me and I am soo short LOL. Try to take photo of him but is quite blur lar. This photo i use hp to shoot it on the dslr screen xD I find it this photo is still very nice!!

Still thinking should I post up some super nice photo of him by DSLR xD

Own selca of the day, didn't have a heavy make up due to time limit.

Geez...see My super cute Birthday boy with his new blue checkerssss!! So handsome~

Random shot 

My ootd off shoulder top from www.twenty3.my
Super elegant white top =)

Selca, got my tired eyes.

Super love this couple shot, got it as my handphone lock screen =D

#coupleselca 2

#coupleselca 3

#coupleselca 4 Bii is holding my handphone and take~

#coupleselca 5 Bii is trying to photobooming me!! Yee Haww

At last, all the couple shot mash up together!!

I still got a small pressie although is his birthday =D LOL

Time for some confession time, I didn't prepare any present or even a birthday card for my precious darling and this hurts him. I don't mind confess it here because is a confession time. I realise then I am not a very GOOD girlfriend though. Sorry, maybe because I really not use to give present to the ones I love. Especially to guys >_< wtf** I don't dare too!!Really 欠打horr, guilty till die LOL.

But still I will learn to be more observant and a caring girlfriend, hope can be the one that won't make my cutie pie feel sad =(

Its his birthday!!! I still love you more and more my darling, May God continue bless my darling and his family!! Big boy already, Hope that everything in your life went smoothly, no matter in financial or in health. Have more faith in God and you will be bless!! I really thank God for sending a "BIG" Angel come and protect and love me. 我会好好珍惜你的!!真的很对不起让你失望了~~



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