It's my first time writing post that are not about food neither our Pakthor date, but is the coordinate I wear! Actually I spend quite some time to think, should I be a fashion blogger too?? LOL But you know fashion blogger really require a lot of fashion tips and SERIOUSLY I don't have many fashion tips or fashion knowledge. But I will try and learn from other fashion or beauty blogger that I really admire, teehee =D I am in the stage of learning and trying to be a very awesome blogger!! LOL 

Since I am working now already, is quite hard for me to wear very fashionable to work because I am a teacher lol!! So usually during weekend go out with friends or even with my darling only I have the chance to really make up and wear really nice out =D 

Last saturday, we were planning to go Sunway Pyramid, and I tell my darling we should wear couple outfit~ haha We always wear couple outfit when we go Sunway Pyramid. Darling always kind of hesitated when I asked for it haha!! But we still happily wear it out and shai meng to other people =P I use make up product from Thecandyskin again~~ No doubt I really love their product a lot, and I find that using eyeliner brush and eyeliner gel really makes the eyeliner looks more rigid and long lasting =D

My near make up look and top look, Will you guess are we wearing couple outfit? Usually you will see couple outfit should be a T-shirt or Polo tee~

Another close look of my darling, super love this photo and it just become my lock screen photo =D

Once we reach Sunway Pyramid, darling is so hungry so we went for lunch first only we go shopping. Because I am still working also I am wearing long pants, I left my short skirt at house. =P Darling insist to buy a short skirt for me to wear 

Super love this couple shot xD And this photo effect is the all I super love that is from Meituxiuxiu =D

OMG~~Super cute darling, we just went to one shop and we got all the cloths I want. A leather tight Skirt and jeggings, even bought one shirt with cross design =D Darling saw baseball T-shirt and wanted to try and wear.This is the outcome, so cute as usual~ although he ask me not to post this photo but I just can't stop the cuteness though!!

This take is just to see how long is my hair, going to have a hair make over soon xD

This is basically how we look like from the whole look =D Many my friends love our outfit so much!! Thank kiu ya~

Am taking self shot of myself in front of the mirror, why my darling keep disturb me~

After shopping, wedecided to relax and have a STARBUCKS!! Hope to get the snowman Tumblr from Starbucks LOL~~~

Selca with my favorite drink - Green Tea Frappucino

This was my ootd, how was it~~??The skirt we just bought it and I wear it straight away and my darling super love it! haha

If you guys have lookbook account, please don't hesitate HYPE for me

I think black color really does go well with any outfit that will just simply makes your looks so AWESOME

My new shoe =D

Still not forget, we still having alots of fun and lovely weekend. Darling still not used to wearing couple together because he say got many people keep look at us ler, I was like got meh got meh, We are super gao xiao couple de xD haha He at first wanted to wear to church, I told him others people look you also beh tahan, what if people you know xD Geee..we shall try next time. Usually if go to church we will wear same color out lar xD Hope can find another AWESOME couple outfit so that I can share with you guys!!

Oh ya, forget to mention, Our couple tops is from Brands Outlet. We actually didn't buy together, at first is darling try and I told him it's look great on you.So we bought it at Brands Outlet @ 1 Utama few months ago LOL. Then I went shopping with Pamela dear @ Paradigm Mall, we bump into Brands Outlet and I saw the top is almost same with darling last time bought de xD So I decided to buy and own it!! Can say it's fate guaa~~ hahaha



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