Gonna stop my trip first and wanted to write this post first. Because is a memorable day and can't wait to share the happiness with you guys! hehe So we are been together for 1 year and a half. During this journey with him, there is full of happiness and bitterness as well. You can't say that non of the couple that doesn't argue right. We do have argue sometimes and different opinion but we did overcome and still continue our loving life. 

I never thought of receiving present from my dear lovely darling. Once I open the present saw this lovely line emoji that we always use and the photo that I like so much!! Thanks for this lovely present and the quality is really nice, really like it alot~~

My preettty look.

Our couple shot

Trying to act cute, haha.

Love this!!

and this..super happy and sweet I found a boyfriend also love to take photo with me! Is good to take photos with your loves and when times you feel lonely you can simply go through the sweet photos you take together! hehes

Today I didn't wear the pretty dress whole day, because since we are here for a mini golf game! First time trying out golf and can't wait to play the game.

T-shirts and souveniers 

The price and promotion. If normal day, it will be rm20 for a game for adults.

The golfs!! I choose blue and darling choose yellow!

The score for each player, I will tell you guys how the score being count later har!

The golf stick.

This is how each station and game looks like. For your info, we are the only one who are here! 

Funny bii also playing golf for the first time. hahas!

Just can't ignore his cute and funny face.

How stupid am I right, I keep laugh non-stop and playing around only!

In!! LOL

Bii say see we 包场! haha
Laugh Die me only xD

On no forget to take the first station, There is 18 station you need to pass and the lesser time you hit the golf ball the highest mark you get lol! Understand? haha

Third station, because darling went to washroom I easily with two strike hit the ball inside. As for my darling, maybe is not his day though. He tried for 13 strike, you know what I keep laughing around and count his strike. hahahaha!!

4th station.

5th Station, another side is for Queen.

6th Station, quite hard to hit because I hit wheel fan LOL.

7th This want also, my darling really make fun and simple strike only know there is the wheel fan have to careful for. hahaha!

My turn.

Is kinda fail as I remember. haha

8th Station, when darling saw this he say should be very hard to strike because of the circular surround the hole. But we did it in 3- 4 strike also lar..haha

Station 9th, There is a small fan wheel turning just below ya. 

10th, Angel shoots perhaps..

Station 11th, I keep want to strike the ball go up the slide. But keep fail..though..

Station 12th

I think I miss station 13th == wtf haha
Any this station is quite interesting, darling keep want try 1 strike and into the hole. So we spend quite some time playing here. hahaha

He even want to record how the ball should turn inside this wheel..but seems like I didn't make it..EPIC FAIL

After this, I did try a lots of time try to hit harder and manage to let the ball swirl inside OKAY.. but this EPIC FAIL moment I really can't stop laughing and when I watch the video I also beh tahan LOL wtf.

Station 15

Station 16th Its seem like the station going to end.

This station 17th is quite interesting too!! haha There is this small ferris wheel inside. We keep try to strike the ball inside the wheel. So we did try for like 5- 6 times I think? haha Many video recorded here.

I think I am sensitive with something here, just don't know but I did sneeze alot..I mean a lot..haha

This video is funny, we watch together and laugh together when we watch back this video.

Finally don't how many times I tried, finally got 1 STRIKE! haha But I didn't notice also because the view is being block!LOL

The last station, The bull eye. What a name right? haha

This is where the name from, But both we are not lucky to hit the bull eye. Haha
We finish our game around 6:45, with many laughter here!

The hall of fame.

The wheel.

The roller coaster

The light tower.

The weapon.

Just saw this when we are going to leave, see the offers? 

Lot F-42A, 1st Floor, Citta Mall
No.1, Jalan PJU 1A/48, PJU 1A,
Ara Damansara, 47301, Petaling Jaya,

Phone no : 03-77344417

Open everyday from 11am - 11pm.

After a tough golf match, we here for our dinner dates. My darling say this is the finest restaurant at Citta Mall. I just realise I haven't been mention where I am though xD

There is no menu at here, Go Green yeah! haha So where is the menus and how are we going to choose what dish we eat? They have all the dishes name on the board! So creative and the words are nicely written lol! Jelly the writer~ haha

Love this corner but we are not able to dine inside.

Drinks and beverage.

How about some dessert?

Little Christmas Tree

Wine corner

Love the greenish design here! hahas

The bartender

Cutie pie waiting for me. Behind is the cupboard of wine.

Japanese sweet wine!!

Sweet couple shot!

Our wine, hehe! Bii always want to order wine when the cafe have it! haha

The mushroom since I waited for so long! This mushroom soup is so nice, not to salty and is smell really nice. RM20++

My darling really like the garlic bread as well, is not hard like usual garlic bread but is soft and nice!

Pork Lagsana RM26++ My darling dish.

Its very appetize and my darling love it very much! Its fill with pork and tomatoes the combination is so perfect!! yummy~

My salmon RM39++ Chef Jason's Salmon AL Horno

I guess this is Chef Jason's specialty and since I haven't eat my favorite Salmon these day. This is one of the signature dish as well! The sauce is tomato mixed. I super love the grilled vegetable so crunchy. Not forget about the salmon shall we, So tasty and juicy. The juice of the salmon just come out when you have only one bite from the salmon. Is been grilled so well that the freshness of the salmon still remain. hahas

Our Walnut and Chocolate cake. Super delicious with chocolate, its not very sweet and full after you eat it. The chocolate and the walnut mixed perfectly!

Smiley face by my darling. I will miss this mushroom soup because is the best I ever taste!!

This was by me, looks a but geli la but I also cannot lose to him!

Which one is cuter? haha

Las Delicias

Wine Bar · Cafe
Jalan PJU1A, Ara Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

03-7832 1712

Christmas deco at Citta Mall

I love how the bling bling accessories hanging on the tree.

Guess where am I? Paradigm Mall, we are survey for Christmas Deco.

Love how they decor it with Bears, so cute!!

Becareful bear, don't fall~~

Brown bear.

I want to hold your cute hand, wahaha

Me and my darling.

Christmas sock!

I'm taking selfie with...bear! lol

More Bears

Christmas biscuit?

I love this bear with romper and bow xDD

Here My last couple shot with him!!

Thanks for staying beside me although I always so naughty not being a very caring girlfriend towards you. Sorry that I always have those weird weird thought that you will never understand and so do I. But I hope that no matters what happen I still very much love with you. You know right, We are simply meant to be together! hahas



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