Having a small Celebration Christmas Eve + Christmas Countdown at church! We even have a performance done by our worship band IGNITION BAND. I just join them this year and I am so happy I can be part of their family as a VOCALIST. woohoo~ Tonight event is so successfully perform because everyone is doing their part well. Although there are some hiccups here and there but this event still end successfully. Because we perform is not for man but for God alone =D

I been very very de nervous, just don't know why~ haha But things went well, although solo part is being skip by pastor hoho! I still enjoy today songs, music, video, altar call and the foods as well! haha

My Make up and look on Christmas eve! With blazer and scarf! haha TOO COLD~~

With my loves one!


Didn't do a very heavy make up, I always Eyeliner then gao dim xD 

After the event, starts from 9pm - 10:30pm. After that is fellowship and eating time while wait for the CHRISTMAS countdown to come! haha

T-shirt by Ignition own Art Director, Zoe Tan! We got it red and purple, hehes~

Trying to selfie with the Deco behind but fail = =

The pretty girls~

I hate my fringe la == 

While lining up to take our refreshment and we still can't stop taking photos! hahas

Continue with photo time!

With Pamela dearie!

Sexy Girls~haha

Loving you~

With Michelle DEAR!

Have we successfully acting cute!? haha

Red Angels~

Love our Santa's Hat.

My darling boy with his bestie Justin.

Our Big head and big eye look xD

That's all from my handphone. Later I will post some photo tagging by my friends! hehe

With Irene

The girls

With rene rene and Amanda How.

The Anakainos gang, saw me or not!? haha

I always love you girls!!

Pretty Girls in Church! haha

Especially you! haha

Our Ignition band before the show starts, with blazer and lets get ready to perform to God!

After the show, super classic Family Photo! I super love it!! hahaha

The funny version Ignition Band + Anakainos!! 

The 22nd Christmas Service, trying to eat the candy stick xD

Lovely nights with all my lovely Church friends!!



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