Here again and continue my Christmas post! hehe I just went Pak thor date with my darling boy at KLCC before I went to Penang for my company trip. So you would know my next post will be all about Penang! hoho Back to topic, It was quite some time we didn't went Klcc already. The place have quite a lot of our good memory before he start dating me xD hahas 

Our super 晒命 de couple shot at Car !!

When we reach KLCC, lunch is one of our concern! hehe I always wanted to bring my darling to Madam Kwans. It was my small time favorite eating place because since I was small living in a divorce family there is less chance for me to eat outside good food. hahas. That time is my mummy's friend bought here to eat and we always watching movie after that. =D

But Madam Kwan's sell truly Malaysia cuisine only ya.

This looks nice! haha

Cute bii sitting opposite me because the place is pack with people since is lunch time, hehe!

Me =D

Sago Melaka, bii's order because he always like some weird Malay dessert de LOL. haha

My Nasi Bonjari and Bii also wanted to order hahas but he change his mind and regretted xD
The chicken thigh is super BIG and eat until quite full. The rice taste so rice and mix well with the Chicken rendang. This Nasi Bonjari is like heavenly mix lolol!!!

My Hot Lemon tea, first time being serve like this hahas! You need to put lemon inside and pour hot water yourself! and add sugar lol!

Just a cup of hot lemon tea and my table is full of their set. 

After lunch, craving for my biii big hand to hug! hehe

Selca #1

Selca #2

Interior design of Madam Kwan's~

Christmas star harr~

My OOTD pose just beside Madam Kwan's because love the wall pattern~ hoho

Of cause with purple background, hehe!

Denim romper from Bii ( he buy from online shop)
Minnie crop top from Bershka
Socks from Happy2u
Black boots from

Although KLCC don't have shops that I always shop but at Isetan you can find Tokyo fashion, Foruchizu!

I was quite a stun when I bump into here, Why is that many photos of my favorite blogger Cheesie and Fourfeetnine!? Then I just remember they are having their fashion shop at here, at Isetan!

I was so excited and keep telling my darling I must buy their cloths NOW! haha Heres the event board if you wish to meet them face to face here's your chance!

I love da purse and clutch~ hahas

I know their shop have been open since November and gosh I until now only got the chance to come here!

Love all these~~~ Houndstooth pattern is my all time favorite as well!!


Beside Foruchizu, there are also many other Tokyo brand here~!! Okay, I did bought some cloths at Foruchizu and decided to wear it on Christmas! At the mean time, decided to keep it as secret first la~ haha I super love their cloths and hope to shop their cloths again! How I miss the memes shirt T_T and the Houndstooth skirt~~ Please wait for me, I will bring you guys home~~

For more details about Foruchizu

After all the shopping, we decided to rest at Haagen Daz. It is also the place I wanted to come! hehe

Couple selfie~

Our Christmas ice-cream.

Strawberries and Chocolates~~

Love my hairband and my

Kiss my bii because he is always so SEKZ me.

Although he is still cough but I still drag him here but mostly I ate finish lar!

Strike a pose outside...

Haagen Dazs!

Finally here the Deco at KLCC, so nice and blink blink with the Christmas lighting!

Santa Claus is posing on the stage!

There is a fireplace on stage.

And a big wooden horse.

The back door deco. Acting Santa's pose xD

Love this bear on the stage too!

Last pose of my look.

Feel so happy and blessed today. Mostly because I met the only True Love in my life that he always so sayang and sekz me always. I miss him when I didn't meet him while in Penang wtf. Even cry because so tough and miss him lol. hahas. But some how am feeling so touch because you know whenever you back home you know someone is waiting for you and keep missing you. That is you my love.



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