Woohoo, after the Christmas post for Santa Hermo. I wanted to write a Christmas post about every shopping Center at KL area or any mall I went =P So I start of with Pavilion first! I went last Saturday after my rehearsal at Subang LOL. Nowadays the weather keep raining non-stop so do that Saturday. But it doesn't stop us for Pak Thor and enjoy our movie though. xD 

Christmas is always my favourite month because Christmas is when baby Jesus was born. Since when I am a Christian I always feel bless and loved by the love of Jesus Christ. Although I start to believe in Jesus at age 6 or 7? I still remember that when I small I still believe Santa Claus exist LOL. Because I can always find present inside the socks I hang at my room..hahas. But when I grew up, I stop believing in Santa Claus but instead of Jesus. Its kind of amazing when I still feel Jesus blessing is always on me and my family. But I leave the best part at last, I love PRESENT the most! During Christmas Celebration we exchange gifts with friends at church. Its makes me feel warm and love by all my friends at church! haha, Can't wait!

I don't know how I do it, but do you guys feel like there is white glow surround me xD One of my favorite photo!

One thing I super love Pavilion is their Christmas Celebration. Me and darling can feel the happy Christmas feel although Christmas is not here yet =)

Beautiful white Reindeer.

Love this!!

Big big and white white Christmas tree on the stage.

There are even Christmas band perform on stage.

Big blue snowflake! Babe keep ask me pose and help me take photo.

A super cute photo of us! 

With Christmas Ice Cream deco, so cute!

Act cute, taste it!? 

Christmas deco of Angel.

Red and Orange Christmas tree.

I also want to take photo with white Christmas =) 

A big Gate just behind the Christmas deco.

Pavilion is having a Charity event, you can take photo with Santa Claus in this cart with just only RM10!

Biggie polar bear and me!

Another wan

Faster come and feel the Christmas Wonder at Pavilion.

The big Christmas tree at the main door.

There is even this Super Duper big line doll standing. Many people want to take photo with it! =) 

Peace Line doll!

Pose at the main door. Suppose to be no people passing but when I start to pose suddenly many people walk pass ==

Guess who I met when I head up to 6th floor. More line dolls xD They are just too cute!! Feel so happy and excited like I see them in real life. Haha

I always use line to message with my darling and I super love line emoji because it was too cute to resist!! >.<

I nearly hug each of them because they are so fluffy and so nice to hug xD

This is my big bear aka my bf xD haha

Hello Kitty is selling toiletries

Today dinner is a simple one, know where to eat this 牛肉面!? We are having our dinner at Lot 10. I always love their 牛肉面, and it a must to order when I went there =P


I purposely ask bii to look at other side. like a boss right! xD


You can find this super big MAGNUM Ice-cream just outside the cinema. haha

Look of Christmas deco from sixth floor.

Still not forget to couple selca when we are walking around the center court.

Lastly photo of my OOTD
Polka set from Curve Boutique.

Guess where am I, H&M~~ Haha ! I still in love with my purple dip dye hair until don't even dare to wash my hair so frequently. Hope the color can at least maintain until CNY xD. Thinking to have a post about which saloon I dye my hair! haha

Tomorrow is a working day for me! I will gonna update my working Sunday post as well. Christmas is just around the corner. Holiday for me is coming soon as well, hope I can finish up my post before this Sunday .



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