Hi all finally I am back from Holiday. This whole week is still my working week, will holiday from next week onward. Can't wait! I still got a lot of blog post to write although my darling told me not to post up everything. But still is very important for me to write blog post to keep this sweet memory forever. Because our memory got limit so is important I write down all my good memory and time spend with my loves one. 

I just watch On Call 36 II, not sure did you guys watch it? I cry too much until I am a bit headache and late sleep yesterday =P Now I hope that I can faster finish my blog post by this week! hehe I wonder when will my room CPU will be back because its been weeks since they move all the CPU, mouse and keyboard until I have to bring my laptop here. wtf..Oh ya, if you guys happen to have DAYRE don't forget to follow me dayre.me/sharonlee because I do mostly mobile blogging at there! Its just so CONVINIENT! haha

Back to topic ya, were at Time Square on the 2nd of December gosh how long have I not been blogging here == I guess you guys still remember I want to post Christmas post at every mall I been right. Today I will post about Time Square~ Actually we are here to play archery so is not wrong I blog here also right! haha


Cross T-shirt and Leather Jeggings from Sunway Pyramid =D

Small small Christmas tree at the Center court.

Wonder what my cute darling doing~?

There is this big big Christmas tree also! Their theme is full will red red CHRISTMAS!!

Posing with the Christmas tree.

The ceiling design.

Asking his brother to help us take photo but turn our blur and I found this I favor more! haha

The shop roof?

Not forget our lunch, at BBQ Plaze that I have long time didn't go eat~~ I keep beg biii bring me go eat~~ haha

Couple shot #1

Selca #1

nom nom~


Here we are at Star Achery =D

Many people have come and shoot shoot, shoot ARROW!!

Looks so yeng~

Its my first time try Archery and I can't wait to try and shoot. I love archery as well because I think that archery is quite a cool sport to play xD

The hand protect we need to wear to protect our hand and palm.

See..I am ready to shoot~ hahaha

The Bow we need to shoot Arrow.

The Game package are available.

Playing with the arrow now.

Aim and see whether did my shooting skill is good or not.

Pose here, and do you guys see my result on the small tv there? haha

Cute darling keep play self shot using my Note III.

Couple shot #2


After first round of 26 arrows, decided to add on 15 more. This time my hand are really so sore until the aiming is not accurate =(

My close aiming look.


Love this pose when My darling is trying to make his double eye lid shown! hahaha


Lastly I end this post with my OOTD again! hahas

Details of Stars Archery Sdn Bhd, They have many outlets around Malaysia but if you happen to be at Times Square don't forget to try and play Archery at Star Archery! It just located beside the bowling place, near to McDonald and Sushi Kind =D

Tel: 03 - 2144 1302

Mon - Sun from 10.00am to 10.00pm

My hand muscle is so much in pain after I woke the next day morning.



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