These few days I'm gonna try to finish my blog post lol. But you know time is not enough for me to use @@ As when I am online I would wander around other websites or watch a drama. My blog post will be drag like this. Sorry if I keep writing Christmas post because many wonderful thing happen during Christmas. I think this will be my last post about Christmas gua...haha xD

So here I am again, blogging about Christmas! I will writing this post is after the shooting at Pavilion. I did took some photo about Christmas Decoration at 1 Utama. Guess what, it was so beautiful~ So colorful and you feel like you were in a world of toys you know. Wooden horses is what we always imagine as toys when we are small =D

They are many stall here as well, you know like toy train with the wheels! haha

I love all these cute wooden horse decorations!

Every horse is different and is so Christmas feel! haha Feel like want to ride on them xD

After all the photos, we head to Pavilion ya. Is a quick one so I didn't have much photo at 1 Utama. Hope I can nicely take photo at there but Christmas is pass!! awwwwhhh

Our Christmas Couple Selfie~

Saw the little cute snowman earing!?


BTW I will gonna start my post about Christmas with LINE. I always use Line to message with my cutie darling because I super love the emoticon of Line. Their emoticon always makes me laugh because we always love to joke around with each other and Line emoticon is always suit to use when we are having a funny conversation. That is why I love Line emoticon so much! haha

When I saw the Line Christmas tree with their cute faces as the Decoration. I keep ask my darling to help me take photos of them! haha

With Brown xD

With Sally the duck~

With Cony the rabbit! We always use Brown and Cony emoticon as our love emoticon. So I am Cony and he is Brown! haha

With Moon

At Pavilion 4th floor, you can find LINE Merchandise is selling here! I really can't resist their cuteness and tell darling that I need to buy at least some of their merchandise xD

OMG~~~~~~~~~~~~ I super love super innocent look of Brown and maybe perhaps...I can ask my darling to act like this emotion and it would be darling cute!! haha

Cony Act cute adorable >.<

Funny Moon! haha

Cony is here~ Oh ya, all these are available there as well, RM90 per doll.

Love their Christmas Poster. hehe

I love all the Line plushie!! No joke!! But is kinda expensive. Is RM120 for a set.

Perhaps a one whole doll plushie?

Or a bigger one? There is a lot of their merchandise ya. I just took some that is sooooo cute! They even have a hug head plushie that cost RM80.

After that when we want to leave, I saw cardboard of them so I ask my darling to help me take photo also LAR! haha

Trying to mimic their action, have I?

Moon wearing Santa Claus outfit! hehe

Line banner.

They even got Cony with Snowman. I also want to kiss the snowman! hehe xD

And Brown also with the Merry Christmas cake~

This time during Christmas they are having the Big Line doll with Christmas Decorations!

I love Brown and Cony!~~ hehe

with Mr.Brown

With Ms.Cony

The Merchandise that I bought that day. Line Notebook, sticky note, car air freshener and brown sticker. I only got Brown and Cony merchandise because I love them both.

I'm not sure until when the Line Merchandise ended but since is for Christmas should be until this week don't hesitated to visit there if you love LINE as I do xD


Here's a video about LINE is getting 300 Million user around the world!!


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