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Tuesday, December 31, 2013 in
Hello peeps, since today is the last day of the year 2013. This 2013 is been a year of prosperous and wonderful year for me. This is my first time writing my year of review, not so sure what should I write but nevertheless I will continue to write because 2013 happen too many happy things and I can't wait to share with all of you.

I know blogging life is hard to maintain because of our life. Life is so busy and we can hardly have time to blog or even writing a diary. So far blogging for me will still be a part of my life when 2014 comes. I will still will be sharing story with all of you, I am not sure who will be reading my blog but I do appreciate everyone who click into my post. I hope I can write better in 2014 and can continue to share my life experience in 2014! I hope you guys enjoy reading my blog post although I am not good in writing or even good in grammar. But I will improve and continue to write more! 

I hope I can be a Better blogger in 2014 and hope 2014 will be the years of more blessing! Blog will still be my web diary, where I share everywhere I go, everything I eat, every outfit I wear, every photo I take and everything I want to share with all!

What have I really done in 2013? Maybe you all can see from the photos I edit, but let me write down what is the happiest and fulfilling things that I have done in 2013.

1. Teaching in a primary school for one whole year.
2. Buy too many cloths and shoes!
5. Become Prettier because of Him
6. Have a new Samsung NOTE III
7. Couple shooting with Him
8. Joining many Church activies
9. Closer with Anakainos Gang
10. Have a Hair make over
13. Got so much love by you guyss~~~

I will start with this first Photo that I edit over night @@ These are all the photo shooting I done in year 2013. Is not just done by who ever that I knew but is the one love me so much my bibi BOII!! holaa~~ every of these shooting is gonna be the best memorable photo that I love. He gives me courage to pose to shine!

Another best things happen is, we hold each other hand together until 1 whole years with so much loves, understand, forgiveness and happiness. Our first Valentines, first Chinese New Year and most important is Our first Year Anniversary been together!! Every month on the 18th is the memorable day that I agree to be your girlfriend on that day! hahas

Time flies, and everything is like a dream! But is not it is really happen to us and we have overcome a lot a lot but we still have more future and years to go through. It is really my blessing to knowing you. I know that we have different thinking and opinion but everything works out well for us. Your imperfect I will accept it just like you have accept mine as well. Love you so so much!!

Love how you can be so cute, so childish, so funny in my life!!

Lastly, ended my post with all my super 自恋照!! haha. I think I never change~

What I want to achieve in the year 2014:

1. More achievement in work - 未来人类工程师
2. Curl my hair that my darling LOVE
3. Have more passion in BLOG!
4. Stay Healthy, More exercise!
5. Sleep well, eat well.
6. Must be a caring and more loving Girlfriend!
7. Play hard, love hard and work hard!
8. Love all the people around me, Family, Boyfie and friends!!

LAstly, wish Everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR EVE as it will ended midnight!
If you haven't achieve anything GREAT in the year 2013 try harder and work harder in the year 2014! GAMBATTE together!

until my next post we'll meet~!!



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