A little late Christmas post at Church morning service. Is just seems like normal Sunday Sunday but is not, haha. Its Wednesday and is CHRISTMAS! After the night of countdown reach home around 1am and can't sleep when I lay down = =. Today Ignition Band is serving again so everyone have to wake up earlier again. Rise and Shine! haha

Church is having a performance by Powerkids and Powerfun! I been record some of the performance, the children are so cute. Somehow miss my childhood time at church as well!~ haha

Sign Language by powerkids =D

They are some props using as well.

After that, we got 3 little kids performance on stage and it's kinda melt my heart because they are SO ADORABLE!! 

Kids from Powerfun our Children service everyday Saturday.

Handmade gifts by Stephanie. Too cute to resist!! After the morning service, we even have lunch buffet at church. The food is too much and very delicious as well. Anakainos is having gift exchange as well, guess what I receive, a clock LOL. haha But I think the clock is super cool will upload the photo soon. xD

With Michelle

With Wai Theng

With Stephanie.

After lunch, we are having a treat by Justin at STARBUCKS! Here's are the girls~

With Pamela sitting opposite me!

And with our Starbucks, I am having Green tea Cream hot.

With Pretty Ximi Tan!

He is trying to selca.

Same with these 2 girls, haha xD

After our yumcha session at Startbucks, we decided to went to Mid Valley for the Christmas Sweet Pakthor. Last year we are here as well, but nothing stop us from going places we want to go. This year we are a bit of tired exhausted because of two nights of busy. 


Christmas this year at Mid Valley is a bit of different and more on to simplicity with white, pink and red only,

Snowman selfie

Santa Selfie xD

Mostly you can see fake tree decoration deco by Christmas Song Sheets!

Silent Night perhaps? haha

Love this antique car.

With the Christmas tree!

Couple selfie.

There are many crowds here as well since today is CHRISTMAS!!

We are searching for cloths for tomorrow Doraemon shooting~ haha. Guess who I am cosplaying~ xD

Even the stall roof is deco with the Christmas song sheet!

The Main Court design. =D Although its simple but it can be grand as well. They deco a small castle at the Centre Court and all the snowball hanging. 

Paper made Reindeer? haha

Who will be sitting there!? Santa Claus lar! haha 

Dream catcher, only good dreams will go through it! =D

Horoscope necklace.

Gingerbread man is here too!

Love bodyshop design the packaging as Snowman! hehe

The Highest Christmas tree at Mid Valley.

OMG, Santa Claus is here! We start lining up at 5:35pm and the line is quite long already. We were both tired but insist to finish take photo with the Santa Claus! Once in a life time~

Everybody loves taking photo reflect on the Jingle Bell!

Looks a bit like Chinese New Year xD

A perfect shot! Thanks to the photographer.

South Gate design is more to PINKISH!

Selfie on the car before we went to Starbucks!


Flare Light.

Couple selfie with the Christmas tree.


White crop top from Twenty3
Red Romper skirt from Foruchizu 
Black Boots from TopTownShop

Lastly, Our Photo with Santa Claus from 2012 and 2013! So cute right!? I really enjoy every moment of my life spending with my dearest darling. Without him, none of all these wonderful will ever happen to me. His smile, his hair, his cuteness and even his pose never change!! Is just too awesome!! I really love him so much and we promise to take photo with Santa Claus every year~~



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