Hi peeps, is another monthsary for us! I always feel so happy to be with my darling boy so much! Everyone say that is my luck to have him and know him in my life. I think is absolutely true, I did told my bii that  Everything that is make me now, is all because of you! I really can't imagine life without him because we were meant to be together.

Actually I don't want to mention this but every small details is important to be remember ya. So I will blog here as well, so

actually both of us forget this special day of month already!!! wtf I can't believe it!! Maybe because have to much holiday in a week already. But I somehow feel that is not important that whether we remember or not is that we always feel love and sweet when we are together already lol. haha But I really hope that every of this day I can really remember the day I promise to be his girlfriend lar! haha

Although we didn't remember but we still here for good and nice food! We are still in a very nice ambient restaurant for our wonderful dinner. We realize it after the food order de! hehe

Number 17, should sit number 18 ma! haha

They have various house specialties for drinks!

Their cafe food quote.

I am not so sure about the drawing whether is painting or not, But the words menu is with CHALK ya.

Another wall drawing.

Overall dining place for second floor.

Combo fried prawn with salted egg yolk and season vegetables in yam basket RM20++ - Biii dish! Looks yummy with my favorite Ikan Bilis and Fried Prawns with salted egg yolk!! nom nom~~

Yam basket with vegetables, I also love the crispy yam!

The fried prawn is super delicious! You can even eat it with the skin so crispy and chewy~~~ 

We choose Apple Crushfrom the House Specialties!!

My Spaghetti Aglio-Olio with seafood RM26++ Overall is okay, but maybe I accidentally ate a bit of chili padi. I think it was quite spicy for me xD 

The crunchy prawn that I ever had in my life!!

Outdoor seats and scenery.

First floor cashier and the birds!

Outside overall look. Its actually looks really class and relaxing cafe with wonderful songs! 

After our sweet dinner, we bump into a pastry shop!

Their best seller with, Oreo and Choc Pillow!

You can have your tea break here~

or even foods !

Okay, I admit I was attract to this banner lar!

There are other drinks besides coffee!


Couple selfie of the day! hehe =D

Our 19 Monthsary dinner ended with love.

U - Cafe

Wangsa Walk Mall (GL-08), 
WP Kuala Lumpur 53300, Malaysia


Located same row with U-Cafe.

GL(Ground Floor) -05, FL-05 & BL-05
Call Us : 03-4144 2168



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