My 20 monthsary post is up! A bit late to post sorry ya because was quite busy and lazy to do anything lately, haha. Mainly spend many time at work and weekend spend time with family and lover. Then my private is only can be night but working at teacher need to wake up early. My sleep time have to be early also lol. Start to have busy life at school hope I can cope with my busy schedule and blog! Deep inside my heart I have a lot of post wanted to share with you guys.

This 20 months is kinda a special month, we didn't forget but as usual we did celebrate have a simple dinner together. I did told babe that our Valentines just pass then our monthsary day is here! haha On this 18th of the month we happen to have some argument and make us both unhappy. I was super sad and don't know what to do when my darling boy didn't choi me and I was alone doing my own stuff. I see the time pass and wonder how's the dinner and celebration. T^T

But my darling still bring me to dinner at 8pm at Full House at Wangsa walk. And we still didn't have any conversation and my heart really feel uncomfortable then.

Ta dang, the second time I am here since my 21st birthday celebration with 5 snows. haha! Not sure their menu change or not since is Volume 3 already.

Until then, baby start talking to me and we did communicate about the problem. We voice out opinion and say sorry to each other and forgive then. I think in a relationship, argument always can be happen and sometimes if you guys argument and can be more sweet meaning that both of you really love each other a lot. But forgive is a must and after that make sure you don't make the mistake another time. Is the trust that is important, I forgive you because I trust that you didn't mean it and trust that you really will learnt from your mistake.

Our drinks of the day, Lime drink for my darling and Watermelon Lychee for me!

Potrait look.

From above.

Since a bit late when we reach there, I just order 1 very light food set. Smoked Salmon salad RM16++ Is with smoked salmon with fresh mango sliced and salad. Overall this salad dish was superb lol! The Salmon is so nice, smoke until the taste of the salmon is so fresh and taste nice. The mango slice is very sweet with the almond tablet is so match!! I super love this dish.

Fresh vegetables.

Overall food presentation, simple and nice.

The salmon is layered. Outside meat is cooked and inside meat is still raw ya. 

My hair is super messy please ignore it*

Hubby always love to hug me tight tight.

My big head photo.

Let's show some teeth!

Smile with baby boy holding the camera.

OMG, when I saw this plate of dessert. I cry liao lol. Because you know what although we still have small argument together but he always still so love me. He plan this small surprise on the petrol station just now only lol!! I cry of happiness lar feel sad about our leng zhan for a while lor. Then now I can release out my emotion~~~haha

We have The brownie that is still warm.

Then I ask babe that must finish the words lar still is represent our monthsary ma.

Interior design. Love the vintage wall pattern.

Fake flower white rose.

Babe paying at cashier.

The corner where I sat last two year. Love the wedding photo there, hoho.

Vintage lamp.

Full house interior design is always with White and Vintage feel. I always love to be here because of the ambiance of the cafe. So relaxing and sweet place also. I have many wonderful memories here as well! Thanks Full House at Wangsa Walk Mall. Thanks for my wonderful darling that can always surprise me and love for what I am and what I do, love you~

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