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 Hey all, just a short post about my last Sunday Outfit. I am serving last Sunday and wearing black lolol! Actually I wasn't black color lover but I know white and black is the common color you can see all the places and the outfit is a easy match color to all the others color! But since serving on stage ma, thought want to wear more bright color. I just got some accessories from F block during the Valentines and I think is good time to wear it with today outifit. A simple black shirt and accessories from F block! haha

Since today is black day, so I try using 3ce lipstick Pink Boom. Because having dry lips and less use lipstick so I don't dare to try a very bold color lol T.T I just try a lil bit of the color but it does not show on the photo. I shall a post about how I try and use 3CE make up product next time =D

Suddenly bring out the gothic feel of the look. haha! I super love the Velvet Bow Chocker Necklace from F Block, makes me like cat, meow~ i think I shall but the cat hairband from Diva I saw it the day before! But from this angle of the photo just so perfect, and I super love it. haha Please ignore my make up because not having a good sleep the night before and not feeling well. Oh ya my hair, darling say because we are all wearing black and my dip dye hair shone out among the stage xD

Selfie #2 at the car. Try to take a slightly elegant feel from different angle.

Selfie #3 Show it with my Casio Sheen Watch by my darling boy.

Selfie #4 Another White Heart pendant bracelet from F Block too! The Heart Pendant is in very good quality and its come with black too, but white color suits me more. xD

Selfie #5 Trying to not to show teeth smile and hope you guys like it. Feeling not well after the service, headaches @@ Oh ya, love my lips color on that day, a lil fade pink color. Ximi says makes me look more 血色 with lipstick, haha. My hair color is more bright color though, still I love the color! I'm trying to curl my hair more naturally using sponge hair curler from Mr DIY the night before but eventually is kinda of fail and trying to do nicer curls next time! haha 

I didn't really edit the photo but just take by my handphone 美颜相机.

After severals nap, darling bring me out for sushi since I been craving long time ago. This is 1 of the nicest I try at Sakae Sushi. Inside is very crunchy and rice with shrimp, yummy! Shall try next time if I saw this!

Couple selfie~~~ *Please ignore my swollen eye T^T I also no idea why my eye turn out like this. But my darling also show his rabbit teeth, super cute! Thanks darling keep take care of me when I am sick, he is my everything. My driver, My massage, My saloon, My flowerist, My darling, My lover and My hubby! hohoho That's all for my short coordinate post =D Hope you guys love my photo!

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