Hi all, I will continue my Chinese New Year post until end of this coming friday which is the last day of CNY and it's Valentine also! haha The photo above is me and my darling first time jogging at Titiwangsa. I think I have stop jogging for few years also and now for a healthy lifestyle I have to start to do sport and jogging is one of my top favorite sport. haha! I am so happy because baby boy still accompany jog although he thinks that jogging is boring lol. I think mostly girls jog more than guy lo, because I am so poor in sports like badminton, ping pong and basketball. Jogging is the most easiest and relax exercise that I can only cop with it. 

Since is my first time jog, I just jog for 20 minutes to build up my stamina and muscle. I can jog non-stop and jogging do need a lot of determination to do it ya. So I manage to jog 20 minutes non-stop and already felt so happy le. Next time I will try jog 25 to 30 minutes non stop again! Thanks to my darling because he accompany to jog. The next day we suffer leg muscle pain but I just rest 1 day and jog the day after xD I feel enjoy and happy since I can enjoy jogging again. I must continue and cut down my tummy fats.

Day 9 of CNY I spend time with my church gang, although is a working day for me but I manage to end early my work and reach there early. Although didn't join their first batch of gambling but we did manage to made it for group photo! haha Here's is the Polaroid photo taken from Amanda Fuji camera. Everyone is so red and pink, hehe.

The yao yeng pose!

Guy group photo always the funniest want! haha Girls group photo is at Auntie Christine handphone . We did some photo taking using Kendrick DSLR also. Like every year we also create Chinese New Year Music Video. I think is was very interesting and fun when you can be in a music video 

Selfie when we are on the way to Ange house =D

Second house we are visiting is Angelina and Joshua house! Lunch prepare by the owner. Quite hungry when we reach here already. Their house is super hard to find also luckily we just follow car to go there xD We ate a lot of Chinese tidbits there lol!

Saw me and darling last year photo with Ange and Joshua.

Girls from Anakainos. Got saw me? hehe

The guys, so candid lol! haha 

Miss our fun and great time together! I feel bless and happy to be in Anakainos CG because I met good friend and great friends here~ 

Ate until very full and we have our group photo infront of the television! Their television have a Linux system so that they can actually use a big Television as their computer. haha So we can even self shot in front of the Television! Spot me using my handphone to take our group photo also. xD Although the quality is not that good but I think we are having fun and wahhh to that television lol.

3rd house and we are back to setapak area to Irene house(middle). She just moved to a new house terrace! I was soooo sleepy that I felt asleep in the car for 20 minutes until we reach Irene's house xD We do some scene for our music video when we visit one house. This Lao Shang is one of the scene ya~ How about me? We are doing other action also! haha

I also love the last scene  That we shot, really can't wait to show you guys how's the video outcome~~

Last house visit at Justin's house. We end our music video with letting 许愿灯笼 up to the sky! It was my first time and it is so thrilled when you see the lantern went up to the sky. We even sign and write our Anakainos name on it too! Super shok and happy also lor!

Ended my lovely day with my lovely baby.

My Sharon OOTD 

"HUAT" red tee from CottonOn
Hounds tooth jeggings from Shop360degree
Stud black boots from Toptownshop

Spending my CNY Day 10 with my gang again! Since today most of us is serving and ushering. Ushering with Cheongsam sounds not too bad right! haha I am not wearing but I got bring to change and just to photoshoot with the girls only. =D

With Michelle a bit 大头照 again.

Michelle keep ask me why I put my hand on her leg, I answer her sexy ma!! haha 

This we do a sexy lips pose and sexy legs xD

Pamela taking photo with me too!

With all the leng luis~~ Madly love this shot! haha

With Michelle ya. 

Thanks Kendrick for helping us to take this pretty shoot!

With the RED ladies~


My alone pose.

With more of the girls~

All the girls =D

My baby boy turn since he keep help us take photos. 

You see the guys can never stop in funny pose.

Our group photo! haha Love it so much until I edit to like this: 

Got CNY feel or not!? haha

With 3 lovely cute angels.

Having a delicious lunch at Pat Kin Pat San with them also!

Smoked braised duck meat, delicious!!

Michelle Thai chicken chop!

Ended my post with photos of 3 ni gu head of us~~ haha Our after jogging look with sweaty shirt and messy hair. It was so much fun jogging with friends although Michelle is the pro in jogging. We chit chat and relax together also. Felt so healthy!! Coincidentally we even have the same hairstyle too.

Having much fun during this weekend of CNY. Thanks to them.



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