hey all, I will continue My Chinese New Year Post on Day 4. I just back from Melacca on Day 3 CNY. It was a bit jam but not a heavy want. We still reach Kuala Lumpur around 2 hour + of journey. Although we were a bit scare that when we back on a Sunday night will be terrible jam lar. But luckily just some of the area like Jasin and Seremban area will always be jam. We were all tired after hours of sitting inside the car. No joke, until my buttocks also pain already @@ When we are back from kampung, my mummy will bring a lots of stuff up to Kuala Lumpur and the car is basically pack with all stuffs xD Still we manage to move up all stuff in just 1 round and get to rest around 12am! LOL

The next day is WP replacement holiday ma, so is a no working day for me I just blogging half day through and went to Amanda's house during 3pm! Is my first bai nian house since I back from Melacca lol, haha. Although just 4 girls and 1 guy(my baby), we still let's go lar don't care how many people like that and we are here at Amanda's house!

Got our seaweed snack from Allecia all the way from Korean! How I miss her since she went to Korean last 2 weeks and it's good to see her again~

Guess what we just chit chat, eating and watching Astro only.
After 1 hour we suggest we should go watch movie, The journey trailer play on Astro and I was so touch by the trailer and decide to bring mummy go watch. So the gang of 5 of us watch Ah Beng LOL at 1 Utama 6pm! Haha, because we got 1  车神 so we reach 1 Utama around 20 minutes time and find parking for 5 minutes lar~

Couple selfie with my only darling boy!

Now he always love to self shot himself before he help me take my #sharonootd photo! 

And then my turn in the car xD Love my earing and hair color!!

Smiling without my teeeth~~

We did manage to shop for 20 minutes before the movie time, S & J stands for Sharon & Joseph! haha

Watching movie time from 6pm to 8pm. Overall this movie is satisfactory not that very NAISE that type lar~~~ But I know Michelle sitting beside me laughing alot I guess the movie did her 笑点, haha!

After movie, of cause is dinner lar! We actually searching for dinner place for around 15 minutes and I was a bit tired and hungry as well~ haha Finally we bump into the noodle shop - Noodle Shack on the LG of 1 Utama. I never try any food on LG and I know there are many cafe and restaurant there! So here my first shop to try~ 

Menu of the Noodle Shack

板面 & 鱼滑, mean handmade noodles and fish ball.

All of us choose tea and the teapot come in a very cute way lol! So we took photo together, guess what I drink~ The rose tea! Super nice and sweet color look from here =D

My rose tea. The teapot is so cute and so convenient lol! Don't know where can find this kind of design~~

Sambal Chili Shrimps and Egg Pan Mee RM10++ I think this was quite a special one because using sambal as the sauce, haha! But I also don't dare to eat that spicy in order to protect my throat. This is truely Malaysian taste, savory combination of creamy egg yolk and spicy sambal shrimps! Like Nasi Lemak, you can say that! haha Order by Allecia, I see her eat until so spicy, lol!

Traditional Dry Pan Mee RM8++ With dried anchovy, minced chicken, mushroom, fungus and Bean curd sheet! Amanda's order.

Hot and Spicy Mian Fen Guo RM9++ With dried anchovy, minced chicken, mushroom, fungus and Bean curd sheet too. But just with spicy soup, I didn't taste the soup lol. Michelle say taste like tom yam xD Another spicy Pan mee order by Michelle.

Corlander Mian Fen Guo RM11++ Home made dough blended with fresh corlander I did taste some of the soup and noodle. I least favorite dish of the day! hahaha This was quite a special dish order by my darling boy! Because he love the Corlander so much and he loves to try and eat special dish.

Traditional Mian Fen Guo RM8++ Hand torn pan me in anchovy soup, is a classic home cooked taste! This is mine, just keep it as simple dish as possible xD

Noodle Shack

Lot LG 111-112 (Old Wing),
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama City Centre
Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

03 7732 7327

Our girls photo of the day, haha! Everyone look happy and cute here! We even made jokes and laugh inside the toilet because we found a family toilet here~ haha

Jelly Bunny, I love the shoes here~ But because after dinner is already 9:30pm so the shop was closed already lol.

Selfie with my Allecia first!

Inside a shop and found a big mirror to selfies~~

With Michelle dear

Amanda pretty lady!

Ofcause nontheless with my darling boy lar!

Another group photo with Chinese New Year Decoration. 

Here's my #sharonootd shot outside Amanda's house.

Lovely peach dress from Time Square
Flower lightbulb earing from Twenty3
Bag from Miucious
Shoes from Nichii

At last end my post with selfie with my loves. Although is just CHor 4 of the CNY and only just 5 of us gather together. We still have enjoyable day together and ang pow too! I think it doesn't matter if the food nice or the movie nice or not, is the been together that's more important. I think friends is just the way that is!

Love is what you die for and friendship is what you live for.


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