HAPPY VV DAY TO ALL~~ Because today is Chinese Valentine and Western Valentine today so the short form will come in VV day today! haha Happy Double Valentine to all the couples from all the world. If you are single don't worry be happy and don't worry ya, one day you will find your one and only appear in your life. I can't be thankful of what I have and God have given to me. Wonderful family and bibi in my life. It's feel so wonderful and happy every time I am with him. This year is our 2nd time Valentine together. I know our love is not that long like anybody who have been in 4-5 years relationship. But I always felt that our love can be forever and until the worlds end. haha!

This song of the journey has been uploaded at youtube. I keep listen to this song non-stop because this song is really one of a kind song. So lovely and touch song, I watch this wonderful and meaningful movie with my mummy and biiii. So happy I can watch this love movie with both my loves one in life. This movie is full with love no matter with family, friends and lover. Felt so touch and have many thoughts about life and love. haha! It's worth to watch and don't forget to watch it because 2 weeks have pass the movie time have became lesser already! This song is out because especially for this Valentines! I also waited for this full version to be out so long~ haha Finally is out and I want to share it with all my fellow readers~

Today is double Valentines and I can't wait for today to come and spend it with my lovely darling boy. I know that everyday is a Valentines for me but still this Double V day is only happens in every 19 years! I know it from him, haha. I finish my work early and can't wait to meet and see him. He always have this heart of love for me that I can never stop loving him because he is just too perfect and incredible. How can I have found a man that is so love and perfect in my life?

I never know where he could have bring me to because when I ask he will say no lar, we go mamak eat only lar. So I gave up to ask question about where he wanna bring me le, haha! But I always know that he always giving me the best for me, best present, best surprise and best place! I just believe so!

In the morning before work, we didn't discuss about should he fetch me to work or how. But he just did! Wake up at 6:30am and waited at my house lift just to want to pass me chocolate and flower! Most important is he wanted to meet me first for this Valentines. I was so touch and cry a bit because I actually did thought of he will come my house. But I wasn't sure also but the thought just became true! I get to saw him and hug him before I go to work. I was very happy enough just to see him.

I got another bag from him again! haha Why did he always so thoughtful about everything that I need. He always buy me the stuff that will be needed. He never fail to give me surprise and present that I SUPER LOVE! Although this bag is a bit big but I still can use for travel also. Thanks so much my big big boy!

The 3rd wan is really a big heart for me! Because I lost bii buy me the earing during our 2nd monthsary present. I was so sad and frustrated because cannot seem to find it and remember when I actually take of. I keep tell bii I lost it and I was not happy la. I really never thought of he is really going to buy me a new pair of earing also! He told me that since this year is double Valentines one present is for the Happy Valentines Day present and this present is for the Chinese Valentines present!!!! I was like OMG!!! Babe you serious buy me this, and is with gold some moree~~ I really can't stop but cry in happy tears lol at the car. I quickly wear it straight away~ 

( Change the diamond ring to earing**)

My darling bring me to Massage again! trololol! I never think of that, he say see me so tired and stress up so he decided to bring me relax and massaage. I was so touch he always so considerate of him to always prepare everything so perfectly just for me. This massage is located at Sunway Giza area. We were late a bit because find some time looking for the center. 

There is this super big Jacuzzi that is super super nice!!! You can try it if you haven't because the experience to a jacuzzi is just too AWESOME! haha Is good for your health because Jacuzzi is good for our body blood circulation also.

Here we are having a nice and professional massaging at Roseanne beauty!

After our massage and abdomen, we are having a hand mask also lol! Our hand is with the mask for moisturize our hand. Feel so weird because our finger cannot freely move after your hand apply with the mask! haha 

I purposely ask the girl to peel off nicely from my hand, so that I can take photo of this after mask peel! haha Looks like very disgusting hor! 

They even provide leg message.

And Pedicure as well. Hope can try their pedicure service next time!

Love this corner so class and white sofa look.

Feng Shui place for water "SHUI" come.

Locker area.


* Very Professional massage
* Relax environment ( until I fall asleep*)
* Friendly workers
* Couple Jacuzzi

No 36-2 1st Floor Jalan PJU 5/10
 Dataran Sunway Kota damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

03-6148 3837

Today: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

We are at Sunway Giza D'Italiane. Baby boy say he book the restaurant already, but since he not sure about the massage time and we were quite late when we are here. When he call in they say the place had been fully booked, so he was quiet worry that we can't have a place for dinner here. He book for 6:30pm but we are there at 7:30pm was soo late! 

But thank God we still have a place for 2 for this wonderful date!

Selfie with the wall design! So Valentines lol.

Both of us looks super oily look after the Massage! haha. We are wearing the couple shirt that we bought from H&M! Love it so much because it is blue and couple.

At D'Italianne the shop design is really like Love is in the air. Super thoughtful of them doing all the balloons and design! The place is packed with people even the owner also come help to serve customer. Too many customer and too busy already.

Ta dang, Love is in the air~~~

There is this small room for wine keeping.

Even the room is with love balloon.

Cupid wall for Valentines. So much love here, spot me not!?

You can really feel so much love in this place with all the decorations here. Many people brings their family and kids along here to celebrate Valentines with all their loves one, including us!

Our starter with soup Di Vongole RM17+ Is kinda seafood soup with tomato and some herbs. At first when you drink it you will taste sweet tomato and herbs but slowly it was very appetite. I started to drink non-stop after then. haha! 

D italiane

#1 Selfie of my oily look.

#2 babe help me take with my red wine.


Baby boy having this Grilled Chicken Tenderln. RM31+ Cream of garlic with grilled chicken. Kinda creamy and the chicken taste fresh!

My Salmon dish again! Sorry if it bored you guys because I always order salmon dish when came to a western restaurant! haha Salmon with Asparagus & LV RM39+ The salmon really grilled until perfection, the outer is very crispy and taste nice, yet the salmon can still keep it freshness too! There are salad and olive oil around. The asparagus is just to layer our taste bud, overall this is a LIKE for this dish.

The Half body shot of our outfit of today. Blue checkers from H&M. My baby boy less wearing short sleeves also but this color and design make the shirt look more young so it goes perfectly with my boy.

Saw this tree of carlsburg at a bar.

D'Italiane Kitchen @ Sunway Giza

Lot F.10, Sunway Giza, 
Sunway Damansara, 
Kota Damansara, 
47810 Petaling Jaya, 
Selangor Darul Ehsan.


Ta-dang, ever since I told bii that I have no new clothes for work. He keep want to bring me go shopping. Then I also a bit tired already after the relaxing massage and dinner. Biii say lets go F block shop only since is just near giza mall. So all this I bought it at there!

Because the F block there is much bigger, 1 shop sells more on accessories and 1 shop is more on cloths! We went to the accessories part and saw this black cute necklace. Velvet Bow Choker Neck - RM23 I always love necklace like this because special ma. Looks like cat bow too meow~

White heart pendant - Rm20+ Forget the price already. But I did saw a black color of it but Bii say white color more nice la.

Houndstooth hairband-RM13(50% with red sticker) This is a must item for me because is my favorite. I have already decide to wear it with my houndstooth dress from Twenty3. haha! 

Lovely lace Lavender stock RM9 

Lastly end my post with our lovely photo of the day. I really enjoy the day very much of all the joy and  all the happiness that my darling boy bring for me. I know deeply in my heart he loves me so much. I was crying for joy because everything he do show that he really love me a lot. Even though I didn't ask for a lots of stuff but he really really try his best to make me happy!! He is very considerate of me and try his best to love me. I feel bless by God because he sent someone that so love me care for me!

Biii told me that without me he just can't be who he is, with many loves, many friends and blessing. Everything good things happen in his life is just because inspired by me. He especially telling me this and pass me this Starbucks Valentines card. He confidentially tell me my 1 year Green Tea Frap is on him already xD

I love you, Joseph Low with all my heart, all my soul and all my mind.



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