Hi all, back to a post about the look of my Sunday service look. Back to think of it that I always wear cute dress and cute look to church. I also less wear long pants go out because Malaysia weather always is so hot. You will be sweat and feel leg is so hot if you keep wearing long pants. That many girls you can see is wearing shorts and skirts go out lol. Actually cute look is my darling always love to see on me, so in my wardrobe I have many cute T shirts and skirt lol. I do have some flowerish girlish dress and sexy dress lol. But I thinking of maybe I stop wearing dress to church lar this week. I remember I got 1 American Apparel High waist long pants from Onezero10 by Melissa1010. I should wear it on Sunday lol! haha

Going to curl my hair again with the DIY sponge hair curler from Mr DIY. I super love it because is so easy to use and to curl. Should I do a post about the hair curler 1 day? haha This photo take until my chin is so slim ya,  love it lol. Friends even say that the hair curler looks like tanglung xD

I just keep the tanglung till the next morning. When I take it out, my hair turns to curl~~ That I super like!! haha Although a bit messy I didn't put hair leave on to make the curls look more natural lar.

Don't be shock


After my make up and contact lens, got big difference or not!? haha Long time didn't wear cons already, and just a simple liquid pen eyeliner. First time dare to put lips colour from 3CE Lip Lacquer that I bought from Novela. I having quite some time to find a really suitable lips color for myself because my skin color is a bit yellow tan skin color. Not every lips color is suitable for me lol. Thanks for Novela kind and sweet owner because I keep ask what type of lips product I can choose because Stylenanda 3CE have many various of lips product such as, lip color, lip pigment, lip marker and lip lacquer. 

The owner was so nice to answer my question about 3CE product. She recommend me to choose lip Lacquer lip lacquer because lip lacquer look like lipgloss, but after apply it is dry, not like lipgloss sticky n shiny and the color very rich. When I ask which color is nice, she say pink boom or show time. Because I always love sweet and cute color lol also forget about my skin tone. I choose Pink Boom and some other product too! 

At first I really didn't dare to try the color because I scare the color doesn't look good on me lol. I always think that pink and red color is suit for white and fair skin. But is my first time daring to try this color and suprisingly looks nice and sexy on me lol. I quite happy to the outcome and will try a more details look of my lips next time.

Thanks Novela!

OMG, love how this sweet color looks like~~ Imma gonna try gradient lip color next time(searching for tutorial)

The overall design is very appealing.

Pink Boom Lip Laquer.

More photo about my make up of the day. 

Smile with teeth.

Trying a lip bite sexy pose.

At Last, my whole body shot from angle above.

Photo #1

My #sharonootd

Twenty croptop from Twenty3
Dark blue High Waist Jeans from Onezero10
Lavender Sling Bag and Nude high heels

Lunch selfie with my boy.

Cute and innocent look of him.

Michelle dear with her high hair look.

Both pretty girl.

He act cute again, super pro liao~~

We didn't back home change but straight to Paul Baloche concert at Glad Tidings church. Tying up my hair up to a hair curl poneytail. lala~

My first ever Paul Baloche concert ticket.

Allecia photo booming behind our couple selfie.

Another wan.

Lastly, a photo that I most love among the four shots I take. Hair color start to fade already T.T front is lighter color and behind color is darker lol. Should I cut my hair and thinking to dye a darker color maybe dark ash color to suits the look to school. haha Still thinking in process....

Have a happy Sunday with my lover and friends! Super enjoy the praise and worship session at Paul Baloche Concert, inspire me alot that Worship can be any form any song. Just follow the flow of the Holy Spirit and the songs you want to sing to Jesus will be just sing out. Paul Baloche did teach us that Worshiping the Lord is a way to communicate to God also, to show our love to him and to show him how much we love and long for his presence, Amen!

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