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After Valentines date, the next day we are planning on date at E curve. Actually we are planning to watch a movie also that is call Bullets over Petaling Streets. Because I really love the main actress in that movie, she is so sexy and pretty! I super love her so much, baby know I love the main actress, 吴天瑜. He purposely buy the movie ticket and accompany me to watch. Luckily the E curve cinema got this movie. I was happy because my darling boy always know me the best and  always take me to do something that I always want to to.

I manage to finish my Valentines post by the Saturday just wanted to let him know he is very important to my life and happy to be with him. I don't like to write a long post about how my love life is haha. Instead I love to take photos and tell the story. I always believe that photo is better that word. Usually when I scroll through facebook I love look at photo that is amazing that is unbelieveable and you can know more about about other photographer work.

We have some time till we watch the movie, so the boys favorite is this! Not really sure what is the name of the game but both the brothers play until so hard the plate keep drop out. == I play also keep lose to both of them. How can I win them since they play until so aggressive xD

Ta dang, I mad love all the photos we take! SO ngam we saw the big photo machine and we actually plan to take big head photo few weeks back. But we actually less have chance to find this big head photo machine. Now we saw it there is no way that we didn't try! So darling boy quickly buy the token and we pose and all these sweet photo. I think nowadays very less people take photo like us do already, haha! Because you can take selfie with your camera, handphone even DSLR lol, what for want take photo with that machine lolol! 

Just one thing we didn't like is the edit(actually we choose wrong) until my baby boy eye also with big eyes and eyeliner pulak! haha Super cute hor. Although baby boy keep complaint about the edit, but I still love it very much lol! haha I can keep see non stop and smile myself xD

After the movie, we actually shop around at The curve. E-curve really have nothing to shop lol! haha I saw some accessories again, nowadays keep obsess about accessories stuff. We actually wanted to go Ikea for MEATBALLS~~ The salmon set I always order for myself.

Meatballs freak~~~ NOM NOM!! hahaha

This is so true right~~ haha. Many people doesn't went to Ikea just for furniture okay but for their MEATBALL also. I am the one who introduce the BEST meatballs at Malaysia to my darling and his brother. Both of them also agree that Ikea meatballs is very delicious, especially the sauce lol!!

Saw this meal set many people also order, so we also try order and try the chicken thigh! darling say the sauce taste like med xD But overall they also eat finish the meal haha.

Wearing my wings sneaker again from Singxfashion. Did you spot my socks? Is LACE lilac socks from F block!

Why? Special design tee from 826closet. Super love this tee, quality is superb and you design add your name on the T-shirt! I get myself 2, 1 is What? with red color and Why? is sky blue color.

2 more whole body photo about my #sharonootd

Why? Sky Blue Special Tee design by 826closet
Mint Polka Skirt from Novela

Couple selfie~~

Nom nom, I always love to bite biii boy hand!! is so QQQ!! 

Selfie #1

Selfie #2 Use very minimum make up chocolate eyeliner from Candyskin.

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