Start of with my #sharonootd photo. Just bought my minion denim from 360 degree. I always love their cloths and accessories. Price is super affordable and they often have promotion and sales. Thats when I will buy their cloths like crazy. This shirt I already aim since Minions is a trend at those days. But until now I only buy because due to cheap price lol! 

Since denim is somehow back to trend I always wanted to wear it like this. Denim as a outer wear for me. First time wear and find it quite hard to match with bottoms that is long. If shorts will be more easier to match. Wearing short pants to church is really not good lol so I try to search for a long pants which are perfect match with my Minion denim.

Look what I found in my wardrobe!! Uniqlo light blue denim jeggings! The both color is super matchy lol, babe say the whole look make me looks cute haha!

My #sharonootd
Minion denim from 360degree
Denim jeggings from Uniqlo
White Sneakers from Cajoyness

Next will write about my new lipstick I bought yesterday xD
I super happy and hao lian keep tell baby I got Cheon Song Yi lipstick!! I got the Laneige lipstick. I bought it the day before we went to Parkson at Pavilion. I just bought the only things that is Laneige Serum Intense Lipstick. Is was my first ever branded make up product apart from 3CE, lol. 

Finally got it and will keep use it to anyway I would love to apply. 

Can't wait to use it when I bought yesterday. 

A near look of the boxing of the lipstick. At first was choosing the Twinkle Coral color is more to orange color but the color didn't show out on me when I apple. Instead when the salesgirl ask to try a brighter color the color is more appealing to my look that is Flash Pink. Using lipstick can make your look more energetic and young! Since I got myself a orange color lipstick, I choose this color recommend by the salesgirl.

I was mad love by the design of the lipstick. Super elegant and classy!! Totally in love with it, Glassy and shiny texture super bling lol. Is my first ever branded lipstick also, I will be using it to work also. 

Flash Pink color is more to bright pink. But the color really not that obvious than you see it with you eyes. When you apply to your lips, there is just a sweet pink color ya. Don't worry that the color is too bright because the color will go smooth and mix with your lips color.

Selfie with my new Laneige Serum Intense Lipstick - Flash Pink.

Super candid photo take by my darling. Although I am not prepare but I love how the natural pose taken xD I am so short in this photo also lol!

Trying to take my whole body selfie shot using my handphone.

FOODIEEEE time!! The famous BBQ Chicken and Duck at Jalan Ipoh. When I see the chicken, I was like waaahh looks super drooling because of the skin and the smell of the chicken is so nice!!

How about Char Siew and Siew Yok? Siew Yok is my all time favorite since I am a small kids. I was wonder when I was small kids mummy didn't help us to take out the chicken bones for us instead just buy Siew Yok Rice for us. Until I am now, I still love the Siew Yok, is so yummy among all the chicken rice lar!!

We order 2 big plate for each of the table. Looks a lot but is not soon it will finish by all of us, yummy!!

Last shot of my Char Siew and Siew Yok photo~~

We order 1 vege soup.

You can either choose Wantan Mee or Chicken rice with all the dish ya.

The boys is kacauing with the photo apps lol!

A simple and antique design of an old shoplot.

Couple Selfie #1

Couple Selfie #2

GIF #3

With Allecia

3 Pretty Girls.

Some outside look of the stall.

BBQ Restaurant 合记港式烧腊面饭店

85 Jalan Ipoh, 
51200 Kuala Lumpur, 
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
 +60 17-377 6157 .

Details of my shirt. Super small cute Minions on my shirt!!

Another outfit post when I get back home! Thanks to my darling super nice shot. I shall try the denim shirt with skirt next time like I saw it at 1 famous blogger post. Till then.

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