Hi all my lovely peeps!! Finally get to change my blog header, haha! Chinese New Year has pass for months and I can really find a suitable photo for my blog header. Hence I ask my baby boy to help shoot a very simple #sharonootd and photo for my blog header.

It was done on a Saturday Morning. I always love my baby house walls with white walls. Not like my house all painted with colorful color lol. I less take photos outdoor also because I can't really find a good time and place for me to always shoot. So I just back to basic lol, since many my cloths are from home so I usually didn't pack alots also. I choose only 1 piece or 2 piece to wear for weekends!

This is a really simple shooting, I didnt have any accessories with me just a simple Blue Flower Dress The Shirlyn Dress from Twenty3. I super love the details because there are blue and purple mixed florals on this dress!!

Make up of the day
Gel eyeliner Chocolate from Candyskin
Intense serum Lipstick Flash Pink from Laneige
Contact Lens Pink

Overall look is to more nature color look
Chocolate and Pink!!

#sharongif again!! Purposely want baby to shoot a fling hair pose like Jessica fashion blogger does. 

I told babe that I very like this gif and can watch this Gif non stop and will keep tell him this gif is really AWESOME!! Hahaha

Some of the photos from my Gif, this is my second attempt lol. First attempt was fail and my pose was totally wrong. Then the second try appear to be lot better than the first try lol. Love this fling hair shot most!!

When I smile like thiiiis, my eye hardly seen lol. 

Start to look around and I do not like to show my left side of my face lar. Seriously think that my face Jaw is big and when I got to X-ray is actually my face jaw is not balance. If I have to fix it then have to go for surgery lolol. But this photos makes my left side face so nice! Haha

Playing with my hair

This doesn't look like me lol. Eye so big and face so slim 

Because really shooting for blog header. Asking baby to shoot landscape and must shoot from up angle to have face slim and cute look ma. I super love every shoot that babe help me take.

Will start a half body shot from here. Will show more of my dress details part. Love how the cut out waist design shown on this dress. I love the dreamy and flowery part on the dress also.

How about some sexy look up pose.

Each of the photos do look good hor, I always feel so bless to have a nice and caring boyfriend. Plus he is a photographer also, can always help me take photos whenever I want. Hope you guys like my photo shooting also. Next will be my Portrait after all the landscape photo I told babe we should take some portrait pose as well. 

I love this! 

Wan my kiss or not!?

End my photo shooting post here, hope to take my #sharonootd for you guys and share my look too! Thanks babe for everything, usually our shooting won't take long than 1 hour because I have a really quick make up and shooting also. Till then.

My outfit details

The Sherlyn V dress Florals in Blue from Twenty3

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