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Hi all my lovely readers my #sharonootd post here again. Recently bought a furry beige sweater from 360 degree last week. I always always wanted to own a furry sweater for myself. Furry sweater always brings out the cute and soft girl look whenever you match it with any bottom. I saw many other blogger at least own a furry beige / white sweater for either a casual look or cute girl look. Because white and furry stuff always is the meaning of purity and cute. So I have been look for a white furry sweater quite sometime and eventually find this furry sweater in beige color from 360 degree. But I am still waiting for my romwe rose skirt to reach my house and can't wait to try out this super cute and girlish look. 

The day before me and darling went to Tropicana Mall because I been busy working that day. We choose a nearby mall to have our late lunch and dating a while. I saw Mirocle coths boutique there as well. I quickly pull my darling to the shop because I have not been to this boutique for a long time. This boutique I always shop was at Fahrenheit88 and they sell very nice and high quality cloths with a reasonable price. At first not buying anything from the boutique but I still manage to choose 1 piece short set, Galaxy skirt and 1 neon clutch.

Since I bought the neon clutch I straight away use it and match it with my Beige furry sweater.

Love this valley because the wall is so vintage with the grass on top. Have my darling to help to take my #sharonootd straight away. This time I try a bit cool outfit with my furry sweater. Black bottom is always the easy match with any tops. Black jeggings and black boots/sneakers is the essential part for a cool and boyish look.

Daisy Necklace from 360 degree
Beige Furry Sweater from 360 degree
Neon Envelope Clutch from Mirocle
Black Studs Boots from Toptownshop



Love my Neon Envelope clutch from Mirocle boutique. Is big as a A4 size paper, the size is quite big for your handphone, purse and some essential stuff for girls. 

I love my Daisy necklace as well . Bought it together with the furry sweater from 360 degree. Daisy pattern is always my favorite because the design looks cute and easy match with any tops also. You will see this necklace in more on my #sharonootd soon.

Take a more natural pose and I love it so much.

OMG, my eyes looks so small without contact lens.

Another nearer version of the pose. 

Selfie shots start from now! haha Eyeliner until my under lid eye and a bit white liner draw at front under lid eye for a big eye effect look.

Try to have a near look for my hair.

Wavy or not?

Wavy and messy lol. haha I tried my non heat wavy hair watching Bubz beauty youtube video the night before. I use my old stocking and jeggings to tied on it.

The outcome of tying my hair with the stocking cut into half. My stocking is a bit thin to tie so when I try I was confuse and not sure whether I have tie it correctly or not. But when I look closely is actually a braid tying hair with the stocking knot also. 

My jeggings is a bit thick and the wavy of my hair is bigger and more natural wave. Is not a curl hair but is more to wavy style. I was trying to tie a cute hair wave but seems to fail because my hair was long and my stocking is short lol. Maybe can try using scarf next time because have longer and the wave could be more nice. Love all the easy hair tutorial to learn. Will gonna learn more and maybe hair tie braid!!

Till then.

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