Prepare for more photos

Love this!

Got Cheon Song Yi feel or not!?

Be sexy

A candid smile shot

Love this shot using my handphone. My waist looks so slim here, wahahaha!

A simple GIF off my photo outfit.

Nowadays I tend to make up with lipstick. I never put on lipstick before in my look but now I dare to try and the result is amazing! I get inspired by Cheong Song Yi look and style from the drama My Love from Another Star. I love her look and her style in the drama and she always change with many pretty dress and coat. She really have that 天生衣架子, tall and slim with pretty face also. She looks so Charismatic with all the style in the drama. I bet the lipstick she use also. Next post will blog about her lip stick I bought~~~

Details of my coordinate

Coat from Boyfie
Black Crop Top from Twenty3
Army Skirt from My wardrobe
Bracelet from 826closet
Hat from Festival City

My Hair and Make up looks so match lol =D

I always have many late blog post need to be updated at my blog. Nowadays workload start to increase, I will be super busy from Monday to Thursday. Gonna be a full 8 hours of working at school and Friday will be a cleaning day lol. Usually when I head home, besides blogging I tend to lingering around blogger websites, fashion and beauty websites even online boutique. My blogging time become lesser and lesser and I always late update my current up to date post lol.

These days always feel very tired after reach home from work. Water rationing is happen and feel kinda frustrated with many problems happen at Malaysia lol. When I see the haze, I was like haze at Malaysia again. The weather is super dry and hazy plus there is no enough water supply. Why is all this unlucky things happen to our country? Lol Pray hard for clear sky and water at ulu klang can filled up with rain water so that water rationing isn't happen to us.

What you guys really prefer? No water or No electricity? At first I was thinking maybe no water is better because when you have no water at least you can still watch tv or online with your laptop or handphone. But when the water rationing start only the pain start. How to drink and cook when you have no water? How to bath when you feel all sweaty over when the sun is super hot nowadays? How to not drink water when the weather is not good? The conclusion came to me that both of this supply is very important to us. There is no way that we can survive if either supply is gone lol!!

My super bare face without make up! Look very pale hor ==

With my contact lens now. Is green color lol, isn't it cool? Today I will be trying out my new eyeliner from KitoBeauty that I blogged about it the last post here.

Did I mention that I also bought Stylenanda 3CE make up product there also! 3CE Powdery Lip and Cheek haha I super love it. This time I choose the Linggo Hoho color, is more on orange coral color. I find the color super suits my skin tone and I mad love with the color when I apply to my lips and cheek lol. This product is super convenient because it can be use two ways for lip and cheek as well. Let me show you guys the result I use it on my cheek and lip ya.

I start of with a cute smile. OMG! The color look so nice on me~~~~~

My babe personally love this a lot. I know the first photo the lips color is more obvious. But this is more on SEXY look for my lips. Am I? I love how the my cheek look more pretty after the color apply. I guess orange color make up really suits me more ya.

The texture of the product is soooooooooooooo smooth and soft. I was a bit shocked when I first touch it lololol. Is so soft and very easy to apply. I was so happy with the result and will recommend to my friends as well =D

Now when I scroll back to Kito Beauty websites, I was OMG there are having sells for some various make up product from 3CE !!!!! Now the 3CE Powdery Lip and Cheek [Linggo Hoho] is only cost RM59.40 only market price would be RM99.00. I was like seriously why so cheap~~ I can't resist myself to not buy a second wan for myself because scared that I won't be able to buy it at such cheap price outside already 

There are also more hot deals in coming 5 days from today ya.

I didn't lie to you guys horr!! It was like OMG hope to own it all~~ I am thinking to own the 3CE Shimmer Glow Block that famous fashion blogger Chloe Ting have and another Powdery Lip and Cheek Linggo Hoho also~~~ I tend to want to have more lipstick but I think I have too many already. The 3CE Jumbo Lip Crayon is so tempting because is so cheap lol. 

So what you guys waiting for? Head it over to 

For my previous Post about My Journey at Kito Beauty Review.

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