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Recently saw one of my Favorite blogger Cheesie upload a photo of this Hello Kitty Shoe from Randa, Japan. I was like overwhelm because Hello Kitty is always always my favorite cartoon when I was a small girl till now Hello Kitty still be my top favorite cartoon as well. I always will turn crazily mad when I saw anything things with Hello Kitty. I think cloths or shoes I will be more exaggerated. But sadly I didn't have a lots of hello kitty cloths but have a lots of the plushy from Mac Donalds collection lol.

It's hard to find Hello Kitty shoes also, but you can still saw them at sneakers or converse shoe. But how about appear in a more girlish and more elegant on heels or wedges? When I first saw the photo I was like walao super nice and pretty because is really hard and never saw a Hello Kitty Heels anywhere also lol. But too bad this Randa is at Japan argggghh can't really own it here also. Maybe have to go Japan only can buy == But hell when can I have the chance ler!! Although the shoes is a quite costly but I think in a lifetime should be okay right....

Okay, stop all the rambling now I want to introduce all the pretty and cute Hello Kitty shoes from Randa, Japan. 

First I introduce the first pair that I found at Their Japan websites. Seriously is super super lovely and OMG the details was like super chio lol! The lining is made with Hello Kitty design head. Super super kawaiiii!!! HELLO KITTY’s sandals/PS3343 
Click the link for more info

This color really stand out a lot and is the color of Hello Kitty also! haha super love~~ So cute and yet classy look.

There are 3 colors for this collection but I love the red and white the MOST!!

Love how the model wear it~ so kawaii and japan style lol.

Next is the same wedges shoe but a little bit different design. Focus more on the wedges of the shoes, cute hello kitty head design and other cute stuff about hello kitty! Is a normal design wedges but when you wear it people can see the design on the wedges. 
Click the link for more info

The model is wearing the blue color. The material is in denim material and top notch quality made in Japan. Blue denim is my favorite too! They mixed blue denim + white leather super color block and casual look.

They have 3 different color too! Blue, red and yellow too!!

Actually all the 3 color stands also very stands out. When I saw this model wear the yellow color also very striking and bright color. Why look so kawaii nehhhhh!!

This is a flat shoe from their other design. With denim material too but design on the material is in polka dots that is so cute and the shoe pad is with hello kitty and cute stuff.
Apple HELLO KITTY'S flat sandals
Click the link above for more info

Flat and comfy Hello Kitty Flats.

3 different design color but all with polka dots. Blue, denim and beige color.

Model was wearing denim material that is super casual.

Next is the Hello Kitty flat shoes again but more on to loafers shoe. Super super cute because the head of the hello kitty is on the front design of the shoe makes the whole shoe looks so kawaii lol.
Click the link above for more info

I found this available at Randa websites but the previous 3 design is not available on this websites and that makes me sad. So if you really really want to own it and buy through online only this design and another heels design available lol 

I actually thought is super cute but I think that will it be awkward to wear Hello Kitty Head shoes around, haha! And the socks OMG, just realize is with hello kitty head as well!!

If you really don't want to be awkward then maybe you can choose other design and colors as well. Denim and white is must have and beige too!

Will weird ma? won't hor. I think top and bottom can be anything and the Hello Kitty shoes can be match with anything also lol! haha

Next available is this heels, is kinda cute one as well. More to wearable for more girlish and elegant look. I can wear it to work or on stage also lol!! The heels is more on elegant and OL look but with the hello kitty ribbon make it looks more cute like Hello Kitty.
Click the link above for more info

Super class and elegant feel, plus its white heels with a bit of touch up of hello kitty ribbon.

With 4 design, white, denim, black and multi design with many hello Kitty head design, super cool lol!!

The model wearing the multi design. Is a good for casual look also. I love all the models coordinate out with all the Hello Kitty heels and flats. Why so perfect!? I also don't know which to choose because every of the design represent the cute Hello Kitty as well. Maybe shall go for the wedges( don't know how buy) & this heels.

Why Randa collaborate with Hello Kitty?

Because Hello Kitty is going to 40th anniversary in this November!! I know there are many other brands also collaborate with Hello Kitty because the 40th anniversary and hope to testify the anniversary and be the part of it! I am a HELLO KITTY fan!!

Randa websites is a shoe website design from Japan. When I bump to their websites their shoes and heels are super super pretty and gorgeous OMG! But is at Yen T_T so expensive lol!! Just can satisfies my eyes but cannot buy it, haha.


Till then.

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