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Couple selfie of the Saturday Lunch

Hi all, few days didn't update here and back with a post about my Last 2 weekend outfit. Just the Sunday before I was working and was been very busy lately. So I just spend my weekend busy at work only. I just manage to find some time blogging during my free time at work and home. I miss relaxing weekend and spend time with friends too! Hope you guys have really enjoy your weekend. 

The flight MH370 is not been found since the last week. Kinda bored with all the bullshit that our government have done. The results seem not showing anything about the missing flight. I guess many has disappointment about how our government doing things nowadays. Let's not give up hope yet for all the 239 passengers in the flight and may they safely return home. Is been in my prayer since the flight gone and I think many prayers have been heard. Let MH370 flight and passenger be home! #prayforMH370

I love my Pony Earings from Twenty3. When I buy it the short tail version is sold out. No choice but have to choose the long tail design. I just wear out 1 side only. I choose this pony earing quite a last minute also, haha! I choose Lavender pony because that's my favorite color!

You can buy it from Twenty3 Pony Earings

We were at Mid Valley and saw this M.A.C have this small exhibition at the middle court. When we are here, I notice the background color actually look same pastel color with my dress. Quickly I ask my darling boy to help me take my #sharonootd with the pastel flower background. 

Couple selfie of the Saturday dinner at Plan B

Today meal was a bit mess up because we are having super late lunch around 3pm and OMG the food was so sucks. We are having korean food as our lunch. The food was sucks and the small dish too lol. I guess they only famous with BBQ lol!? Dinner was at Plan B because I was still so full couldn't enjoy my dinner much. So I was ordering Bread with Ham and Cheese and I couldn't finish all my food. Sorry**

Love this shot MOST!

My #sharonootd 

Rainbow Pastel dress, Aureliawardrobe
Pastel Lavender wedges, Toptownshop
Pony Earings from Twenty3

Sunday is here!! Start with self selfie first. Serving today and since today is wearing formal only. I decided to wear this dress that I bought it at Twenty3! I am a Houdstooth lover and no one can stop me for loving it! This pattern is really a trend and love for all the fashion lover.

Self shot - Black and White Outfit

Whole body shot, Houndstooth from head to toe =D
The Sherlyn Dress (Shigoto)Houndstooth, Twenty3
Houndstooth hairband, Fblock
Heels, Vincci
Necklace, MidValley

Didn't take a lot of photo. Because was at church, many people watching, haha!

Close look of my hair band. Is full houndstooth pattern ya.

❤Couple selfie of the Sunday Lunch❤

Lunch at Tappers again! Thanks my baby boy for the photos, haha. Will gonna write and post lots of photo about my dinner at Burger Lab Oug. Till Then.

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