Hi my lovelies! Will end my April with my another post about my #sharonootd post. Recently skorts is such a hot fashion right now. I got myself 1 pair of skorts from Phat Culture. That time I am looking for a white pants and saw that white skorts is a good choice also. At first I do not know what is Skorts actually? I think many of us will thought of what's the different between Shorts and Skorts?

Skorts - A skort, sometimes called a scooter or 'skant', is a pair of shorts with a fabric panel resembling a skirt covering the front (from wikipedia)

Shorts -  they are a shortened version of pants, which cover the entire leg. (from Wikipedia)

Basically Skorts means is a pair of short hidden behind a skirt lol. But skorts nowadays come in many design not like the old design just plain skirt. You can find some origami skorts, wrapped skorts, pleated skorts even romper skorts too! There are few types of skorts as well that is Sport Skorts, School Skorts and Denim Skorts. I am still thinking to go for different color of skorts maybe denim or pastel. Still searching to see where can I get affordable skorts xD

 This color of skorts is too cute!! From BlaqMagix LVRS
Denim Skorts, OMG why is so pretty!! From Chiqfliq.com

Am gonna be broke soon if I see some more nice skorts online!! haha But lets just back to basic first I starts of with a simple White Origami Skorts from PhatCulture. This time I try match with prints with this simple white skorts. I got 3 different print of top on this #sharonootd. Hope you guys like it! The first top I have the most photos taken and many of them I really like it. The weather is not very good when we are having this shooting, super gloomy day. That's why we didn't take a lots of nice photo during the 3rd outfit but still I will show you guys some of the nice photo we took! 

My first outfit details with Unicorn Print from Poet / Pastel Vintage Round Specs from Becky'sBooth


Second outfit details White Heart Print details from Romwe / Hat from KL, Festival City

Third Outfit details Cupcakes Print from Time Square / Leopard Pattern Spectacles from Asia Muse Girl Search 2014

Lastly, I post my top favorite of all and it was in a high quality photo also. I love how natural this pose and love my sexy lips also in this photo! Is my first time trying to shoot this natural look also, I feel it is more fun and relax because we don't tend to pose for photos. But just pose whenever you like and snap the moment you pose. Just because of the weather we couldn't get a lots of nice photo for the last shooting. Overall was satisfactions! I love the Vintage Rounds spec so much although it makes me looks like blind but I don't care I just wear it whenever I like lolol. 

How you guys think of my outfit photos? White color actually can match with any tops. I choose all these 3 printed top to match with my white skorts. Which tops you guys heart most? Mine was the UNICORN top but basically I love all lol because all was tend to be so cute on me xD The minty wedges I got from Toptownshop again! Once again thanks so much for my Teddy Bear Photographer again! =D Till Then.

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  1. wow, I raelly love your this post, ur braid, make up, and the dressing way!! everything! you look so gorgeous here! charming and princess-y!