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Hi peeps, a little short post about how my last 2 weekend spend and a lil bout my hairstyle photos. Kinda love my this my hair having this super cute mermaid wavy hairstyle. Now I think that wavy hairstyle can be in three ways, big wavy hair can be a more natural wavy look, and looks more elegant and classy. If a middle wavy look, for just bottom wavy only the look will be more mature look. If you do a mermaid wavy hair style, you more cute and a bit Korean look! xD

I still haven't try the big wavy hair style and I can't do it whole hair wavy also. Maybe can try it when my hair is longer like a bit!? haha I tried it when I got the time ya =D This time mermaid wavy is very very simple to do. Just the week before I tried to tie my hair to half side braid and when I let it off my hair become the mermaid cute wavy hair style. So when I get back home and tried to tied my hair to braid and sleep with it and the next day poof it became these super cute mermaid wavy hairstyle!! I was quite happy with the outcome because I really wanted to try and I personally think that this mermaid braid is super cute to resist!! 

I will show you more details of my mermaid braid and some selfies I take with my darling and friends!Serving Sunday again and not able to have my #sharonootd taken because wanted to wear our band Purple Ignition T-shirt that week, haha! But I did wear a super cute oxford shoes that I win it on the giveaway from Toptownshop!

Ta-dang, love the details of this oxford shoes with cute DAISY on it! I thought it will be weird wearing this shoes walking around. But is not this shoes is so comfy and I think it can wear with mostly spring outfit you wanted to wear =D

Love this selfie a lot and in this photo you can see how's my mermaid braid looks like. Super wavy and cute hor!

Okay, will start with few Couple Selfie that me and my darling boy took while waiting for Michie!

My darling boy big face xD

Here I come

Hug me!


I still not forget that I always always love his hand a lot, then I will call it 猪扒手 haha! Because like mostly Gf will do is bite Bf hand when ever we like xD

Hair a bit messy after the couple selfie xD

My Michelle dear is on the car~

Us sitting side by side and my darling is opposite me ya! I miss the oldies time when I love spend time with Michelle. We sort of doing all kinds of crazy stuff that mostly girls will do with their bestie! We laugh, pose, selfie, gossip like nobody business lol. 

Love my peace pose, lol

With another 2 pretties beside Michelle is Zoe and Allecia.

After that We still selfie like crazy

Our most signature pose since we were in High School and long time didn't take photo with this pose. I still remember that we use to laugh when we are trying to do this pose, super funny and we laugh non stop because we feel like why we so geli can pose kiss pose with girls.

She is trying to kiss me and I act shy** trololol

Acting cute and actually want to show you guys the purple flower clip on my head xD

Today is kinda purple day for me with purple band T-shirt, Purple flower Hair clip, Purple Eyeliner and Purple shoes!! wahaha

Hair start to straight because super tired and almost fell asleep at church while waiting for rehearsal for our up coming event by Anakainos!!

My 4 cute hair braid for my mermaid wavy braid.

Hope you guys love my wavy mermaid braid =D Learning a new braid soon! Was a very happy day for me because can finally spend time with friends and loves one. Is not a everyday things can do together with friends. At night have dinner and yum cha session with them. We drop by at a very colorful Chat time and take some nice photo, haha! Our Anakainos is having a BBQ + Easter break free event on the 10th of May. From now on after Sunday lunch we will be having practice for this event so Sunday will be a busy day for me as well xD Hope that each of our practices can run smoothly and this event can be a huge success!!

Till then.

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