Hi all my lovely, another My Outfit #sharonootd post is here again! Didn't go anywhere during the last weekend because Saturday staying at home blogging about my last week event. Sunday is a serving Sunday, wearing my band shirt with my newly Daisy Oxford shoes from Toptownshop. But I have try a mermaid wavy style on that day also, maybe will slightly blog about my hair style on that Sunday =D

Since spring is finally here, I wanted to have Spring outfit to share to my readers! Actually I wanted to shoot it long time ago to join the Herbal Essences Neo Gal Party but really have no time to do the shooting due to busy weekend. When I ask my darling help me shoot on last weekend, we were a bit rush also because rushing out to dinner. Recently was super busy and stress with work, tired and stress together. Never been a relaxing weekend for me because busy work and have to wake up early. Hence I everyday also have to take nap after my work because body really can't stand the tiredness of work.

Since I can finally sleep until can wake up naturally so I think of blogging until late night. Since morning I can't always online at home. Hope you guys love my little spring outfit of my Sharon OOTD. I can't wait for the Neo Gal Party on this Sunday although I have work on that day really pathetic day for me. Hope I didn't late for the event because the time they move to 3:30pm and I work until 4:00pm == arghhhhhh

Acting Innocent look

Happy Go lucky


Love my whole body shot by my lovely darling. Mostly my spring outfit will be all PASTEL PINK and LILAC!! Pastel Lilac is my favorite color of this spring and I guess it will be my all time favorite color as well. Because it was super cute and dreamy color!!

Purposely tie my hair into 2 braids for more Japanese Harajaku feel. But somehow I didn't get use it to see my hair tie into 2 pony tails because doesn't looks like me.

So I change my blog header to this photo! I kinda love my boy take my natural pose photo. Although I don't like my pose without any smile because I feels like why I looks so awkward. But is wrong because I love all the natural pose photo by my darling!! He told me that this photo looks cute, and japanese look (Yes!! That's what I want to bring out) a bit shy Japanese girl look, haha!

Lilac Polka Dots Bustier Dress from Honey比比 Times Square
Love Necklace from Nineteen89boutique
Pink Furry Outer Wear From H&M (RM49.90 only!!)
Lilac Ankle Boots from Toptownshop

Spring is here!! Change to a 

White top Ohhh...my
Faux Rose Embellished Pink Skirt from Romwe

The skirt I actually mad love with the design and I feel the spring~~~ when I first saw the skirt. I decided to buy to add on to my spring collection outfit! My darling boy say the skirt looks pretty on me. When I bought the Pink Furry outer wear not long ago and the coordinate just match perfectly since both the color is so dreamy pink and cute!

Remember the Arale Cap from Dr Slump Comic. Looks so real hor but it's not because I saw it on Meitu and I think the cap suits my outfit so I play around adding the cap on xD

I am Ms Pinky Rabbit. Actually trying to take photo to show my long and slim leg(ahem*) haha But I guess its fail lol!

Boosting the photo color with more pink!

Erm..what you think about my Spring Outfit?

Hope you guys really love it!

Closer look of my Skirt. Really loves the Faux rose details a lot and super comfy to wear too.

Love my Lilac ankle boots for my spring collection too!

Thanks to my darling boy for all the outfit photos!! Love you~~ Till then.

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