Hi lovely! Will blog about my fashion style using Polyvore.com again. I stop designing my fashion there and once I start I can't stop it because it was quite addicting and the fashion inspiration will become so inspiring lol. haha! Guess what I design all these 4 collage yesterday until 12:30AM! I feel quite satisfied and wanted to share all these fashion collage with you guys. 

This time my fashion Collaboration will be Ipmart. Last month, I have start my collaboration with them. I am really sorry because I always delay their post on my blog. TT Please forgive me. But thanks to them I can have many Gadget tips to share to my readers and now. Who says Technology Gadget cannot goes with FASHION! I will prove that this theory is totally a mistake because nowadays many Fashionista do have many gadgets for themselves so that they can always update their fashion style with all their fans. Even as a blogger we must at least own a smart phone to always be updated in our social media platform. 

This time Ipmart will be featuring 4 IT gadgets from their websites with some fashion style. Let's just see how I add up spice of FASHION featuring all the 4 IT gadgets!
I love summer
I love Summer by sharonlove91

Firstly will be the Ipad air. I love how Ipad Air design to be super thin and light. It doesn't have to be use at work but how about Summer by the beach. I mainly use 3 colors in the whole outfit, blue, white and brown is the most relaxing color to wear it during SUMMER HOLIDAY!! yeah!!

Be Accessorize

Be Accessorize by sharonlove91

Second gadget will be Iphone 5S and looks like Ipmart is having more Apple IT products too. They are having shipment straight from USA as well, super amazing!! Thinking to be a Office Lady style when its come to Iphone but since it's GOLD in color. I try to do a casual outing look but with a lots of GOLD accessories. I love all the heart shape accessories and its give a feminine look to the whole outfit.

Pinky Alert

Pinky Alert by sharonlove91 

I have another 2 gadget featured will be very girlish and in sweet color. Nintendo 3DS in pearl pink, when I found this color I was totally why is this color so CUTE! No choice I choose many many PINK stuff to match with PINK Nintendo 3DS. I choose pink shorts, pink Valentino sandal, pink watch, pink accessories, and pink beanie! The bag is quite CHIO right~~ with the work PINK but is not in pink color. The beanie as well I love it, not many chance you can saw a PINK beanie lol! The satin spaghetti top in black to neutral the look, don't want so PINKISH lol! xD

Light is sweet

Pastel is sweet by sharonlove91 

Last but not least an Instax Fujifilm, I always wanted to have Fujifilm instax for myself but never have been own it lol. The one thing mostly girls love about this is their COLOR because it is PASTEL~~ So am I, I love their pastel blue, pink, yellow and white. You can never find a polarod fujifilm who have the color PASTEL except fujifilm instax mini 8!! Overall look is in pastel blue and purple. Both are my favorite color also and these 2 color really look super sweet and artistic look when they mixed together. Perfect outfit for a getaway with Fujifilm Instax!!

Hope you guys love all my 4 outfits featuring the 4 IT gadgets from Ipmart. If you want to grab these awesome gadgets to spice up your outfit of the day, you can visit Ipmart websites as below! Till then.

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  1. Have u bought the instax camera from iPmart? How long does it take to deliver to ur place?