Hi my lovelies today gonna blog about my visit to Room8008 at Times Square. I known this shop through Instagram and many Malaysian Artist have been to this shop to try out their cloths for event. I been follow their instagram for quite some time. I know they have sell many nice and cute clothing there. I been wanted to visit their shop at Times Square. Recently went to Times Square just wanted to visit their shop for shopping!! 

Their shop is at Level 7 and was quite at the corner. I wonder how long have it been here at Times Square? I really didn't saw this cute shop before. The shop was very cute and pinkish design. I think it will catch all the girls attention! Not only girls, I saw some auntie and ah ma also keep stop and staring for this shop quite some time too!! The place was not that spacious but just alright for lovely customer to shopping and trying their cloths. Their staff is supper friendly too, keep introduce their new clothes for us to try. Basically all their cloths mostly come in pastel color and some monochrome color. The skirt are all with lace and soft sweet color. I loves it so much!! I have pick some nice cloths to try also, let you guys saw some cloths that I try on that day.

First is the Korean College style White top. When I saw this top I straight away fall in love with the big ribbon and the white checker design on it. Nowadays keep hunting for work cloths and I think this is perfect for me to wear at work =D The skirt is their new release piece on the shop. Basically I am all with chiffon cloths!!

Own selfie in the changing room, more details on the ribbon and the brooch on the ribbon is really bling! haha

Another piece is Romper Skort! Finally I own one, because it was super pastel that I fall in love with the color. Its all with purple color and flower, so romantic and sweet color. The owner of this shop introduce this super nice piece for me and is the only piece that she buy from a Thailand designer.

Selfie with my cloths!!

Love this corner!

All cloths arrange according to color! Mostly come in soft and sweet color ^-^

Accessories corner is available there too!!

Shoes! I love the shoes so much! But too bad is a bit over for me because the platform is quite huge for me when I am just 156cm tall only. I am still looking for White platform heels for myself.

Small table with some cute little thingy on top.

I love this pastel horse earing ler!!

How about big Channel necklace.

Cute Rabbit sitting and welcome customer. The owner say that this rabbit will be at their shop until the end of May. She is bringing unicorn to the shop~ I love unicorn and I think I will be here again on June xD wahaha

The little board for Room 8008.

Their shop from outside.

Having a sweet lunch at Lowyat Plaza at Ichiban Ramen.

My shoe of the day from Toptownshop.com again! I love the Henna that Ximi help me draw.

Thanks the owner of room8008 help me take this nice photo. Chen, She is super friendly and pretty. A bit regret because didn't take photo with her. I always admire girls who do and own business themselves!! I mean girls also can have great ambition and can be BOSS LADY also. =D I bought 2 pieces from Room8008 and I'm gonna try out their piece and let you guys see!

Details on the prints. Is with pocket too, I love bottom with pocket because I feel CHIO when I can tuck my hand into a pocket and walk like a boss lolol.

My new bracelet. Details on my bracelet is the owl, anchor and peace pattern. Do you guys not fall in love with the pattern of the romper. Purple and white~~~~

First Outfit details Romantic Purple Romper Skort from Room8008 / Daisy Oxford shoes from Toptownshop / Purple owl bracelet set from Sotrendee Inc.

Details of my second outfit. Korean style White checker top from Room8008 / Black Skorts from Phatculture / Studs boots from Toptownshop.


Show room: 
Level 7 no 52 west wing , 
Berjaya Times Square

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