Hi lovelies all, will show you guys my Hello Kitty Outfit I wear it last few Sundays. I admit that I really wear until very stand out. I will let you guys see the photos that I took on that day also. Hello Kitty is my favorite cartoon of all. I have this Hello Kitty Stocking since from last year but didn't have the chance to wear it. I know I have many clothes sill hidden in the cupboard waiting for their chance lolol. I also have this Kitty Top that I bought from Foruchizu as well! Since I decided to wear the top so I decided to match with my Hello Kitty stockings. I have stockings addiction as well, I have 3 stockings I bought from Night Market that I haven't wear also. I tend to wear cute with stockings lol.

I wear this whole outfit with a skirt at first. But it kinda short and I decided change to white shorts later. I think I kinda over dress up and whenever I went people will look at me like I am wearing something weird lol, haha! That day we even have lunch just near our church because we are having practice for our Anakainos Break Free. Today make up I just draw eyeliner and trying to draw a thick eyebrow but seem to be fail because my baby doesn't like my thick eyebrow == He will keep tease me that I look like crayon Shinchan T^T

Hand Alert* Is not my hand lol

My cute baby 肥猪手 xD

With my dear Michelle.

Selfie and sorry for the photo effects super blurry lol.

So free that I tie 2 Fish Bone braid for my hair.

Details of my Hello Kitty Stockings.

My top and my necklace.

Love Charm Necklace from Fblock and Kitty Top from Foruchizu. Purposely match the heart shape together. 

Couple Selfie at the car.

My braid hair look in the mirror room.

Acting cute wtf 

Hair cover my top.

Basically this is my whole outfit details. I really heart my Hello Kitty Stocking very much lol!! Hope you guys love my outfit as well =D Till Then.

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