Hi my all lovelies! Back to my outfit post #sharonootd. I still thinking to have 2 outfit post per month. But all these have to see my baby okay to shoot me or not la. Finally I finish my busy work by this week and at least I am not stress already. But think of it next year I have to hit a higher target then I will feel like crying. Anyway I did try my best and outcome seem pretty good and I satisfied with the result also. I will still continue with work and have to stay up late at school already. It will be like 12 hours at school already. Nowadays keep sleep late at night, every morning seems so difficult for me to wake up. No nap time for me also when I back home. LOL! Yesterday was Teacher's Day, I have no idea at all that was Teacher's Day I mean the official date since our school celebrate on the 26th of May. I still received 2 cards from students and I feel grateful and thankful at least I still received something. 

This time outfit post is quite a challenging one because we are suppose to go Empire Damansara for shooting. But due to too many people we didn't manage to have photoshooting, but Baby say we can choose 1 day super early morning to come here again! But nevertheless, we choose another building that near to Empire Damansara to do the photo shooting. I have no idea what the building name, but there was guard there wanted to chase us out. We also didn't care and find a secret place for shooting. The shooting is still very fun and I enjoy very much. I start to love outdoor shooting although sometimes is very tiring. As usual Kuala Lumpur always rain during evening time. The weather is gloomy on that day too, after the shooting both of us walk to the car with umbrella that we bring! 

Start with this super nice photo! My make up is so obvious and the color basically look just nice for this photo.

Imma a happy girl. My make up blusher and lips from Linggo Hoho 3CE product.

Love how my baby shoot with my natural side look pose look.

Yahoo, my #sharongif with me playing with my Tutu Flare skirt. 

Because wearing this Midi Length Tutu Skirt I keep playing with the flare skirt. Show you guys how much I enjoy wearing my skirt 

Found this grass wall and the greenish color is super nice. The color contrast is just so PERFECT!!

I know I am not a pretty girl who has sexy lips, big watery eye, sharp nose or face. I definitely do not own all these but I'll am very grateful of what I have now. 

Baby has quite some time didn't take this kind of artistic photo. This photo have it all, perfect composition of the building and me!

We found this stairs and I told baby we should shoot any place that I can pose and he can shoot lar!

I love all the stairs pose 

The wind is getting stronger and My hair blow with the wind. 

Nice composition of the wall. We saw this is a small valley and that time start rain already. But baby say wow nice wall and ask me to pose already.

I love this most. 

Although the weather is gloomy and I asked baby whether the lighting will turn out not good or not. He say won't and when I open the photo on laptop is really are. The light just right and awesome! I mad love this series of all the photo that baby took. I realize that sometimes is not the place or time is important during photoshoot. But is the passion and how much effort you do and put. No matter how tired or frustrated during the photoshoot, when you see the outcome then you will realize that all the hardwork is WORTH.

I really thanks God with all the wonderful things he done in my life. He grant me a Nice boyfriend that loves me alot, with just this I already satisfied and thankful for it.

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