Hi guys, if you have add my facebook or instagram, you'll know that I have celebrated my birthday last Saturday. It's a happy and wonderful celebration for me. But I will start of with this early celebration with my church member, Anakainos. We have cakes during our cell group on Thursday. It was quite a surprise because I never think of it until someone called my darling. haha! I thought they might have it on Sunday. But I was quite happy and really feel touch but really don't dare to show out my happy and touch expression xD

Birthday happened once a year and is a memorable day to remember. I am very thankful that all the wonderful things happen to me. Family, friends and even my baby boy I am happy to have them. Without them then will not have the happy me now. I know we need to face many obstacles in life, relationship problem, personal problem but all these obstacle will make you stronger and make you a better person in the future. Our life is not perfect and we need God guidance to lead us. God has created each of everyone to be his own unique human. I am really happy and thankful that I am born in this special day that God has created me.

Although this Birthday I didn't manage to celebrate with my family. I am grateful also that my dear mum has give birth to me and my brother who always be the one and only brother who loved me!=D

Super candid group photo that I like!

Happy peace photo!

Hey, our group photo. I love this photo lol, the Groupfie is now the trend =D

Me and my baby!

Me with my birthday cake.

I love my birthday cake so much!! With the name, I can feel how much effort that my baby boy do for me. I love the candle with my name on it =D More photos coming~~

Thanks for the kisses 

Love you girls!!

Act Cool pose.

Act Cute pose!

Why point at me!?

Thanks for all the 

We have some retirement drama by our group "Ah GONG"

And our "AH MA" group

My Chinese Name candle.

My english name candle, really didn't notice it but the name is too cute lol!~

Purple and blue, both my favorite color.

This is how the candle name looks like when it light up! Too bad is candle, it will melt very fast! I manage to save my name candle with me although the it has some flaw. I feel so warmth when I saw my name and now is in my bedroom as a accessories.

If you guys wanted to have own unique name candle for your loves one, you can visit this 创意订制【名字】生日蜡烛 page =D

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