Hi my sweeties, finally I'm back with my #sharonootd post. I been busy with my #adidasBloggerCup question post. Come join at my blog if you guys haven't!! I am away from KL for 3 days also. Have a happy and fun trip to Melacca with my baby. Although is just a short trip but we did enjoy thoroughly through this trip. We did try and go play stuff we haven't try and play at Melacca. Is kinda fun and tiring too. Hence this time my ootd post will be shooting at Melacca.

At first, my baby told me can we just have a relaxing trip at Melacca. But I did convince him that not many chance we can go for trip. Its the things I love also, to be pretty and to be confident. I wish to share my ootd post to my readers too! Since we are at Melacca we can shoot at a different place and gain experience. One thing we never discuss about shooting is the venue, haha! I don't know why but he love to be spontaneous and explore places at certain area. This is my first time shooting on the beach as well because I thought maybe we go some place with garden or historical place. But my Baby have already has plan to decide to have it by the beach. I think when I know is on the beach I shouldn't have wear heels lolol. Btw this will be my last #sharonootd post with my bleached fade hair, decided back to be a healthy hair girl already~~

Loves this most and when I saw this  I was quite surprise la because the feel is totally there. The beach, the sky, the boat and me, everything is so perfect!

I was totally a Hawaii girl look for my 1st Beach destination.

We tried to achieve follow me pose. At first we just try the pose on the photo above but I insist the follow me pose also xD.

Another part of the beach with many big stones and one tree!

Some weird pose with weird feel xD

Baby say this tree is cute so he ask me to pose in front of this tree.

At our second destination is the same sea but different beach. We shoot at different time also after lunch also. Basically our shooting using picture styles because of the weather. Before our shooting the weather was pretty good and just after our shooting on the Hawaii theme then rain starting to fall. We have no choice but to retreat and have our lunch while waiting the rain to stop.

The time is around 2pm and the sun are surely super hot and on top of our head. Love this place because of the small broken bridge.

Wear my Heart Sunglasses that I just bought.

Love how I smile and have fun in this pose.

Move to another side of the place where many woods stand on the sand. Not quite sure why got all this woods. But all these place is where all the clams can be found also.

Noticed that I keep posing the same pose, haha

Love this!!

End my post with my recently accessories haul. I mad love the floral vintage watch and the bracelet. Although is a bit pricey but I think is worth it! 

Details of my #sharonootd

Top Leigh Green / Skirt Nishka Green both from Weare Poetfashion
Minty Heels from Toptown.shop
Floral Vintage Watch from Hello Miss Apple
Mint Bracelet from Sotrendee.Inc
Heart Sunglasses from Singxfashion

Till Then.

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