Some late post that I been wanted to post but late already. But nevermind I still want to share this precious moment out with my friends. June is a month of love and happiness. During this month of love, many couples will marry and went to another journey of their life. June is my most favorite month of all because is our Anniversary month and my Birthday month. Although both day is very close to each other, but I still enjoy the moment of happiness and love share together. 

Still got 1 week more till my birthday, but somehow the feeling is not so there. I don't know why I feel this way, maybe because as people is growing and aging. Birthday seems to be not very important anymore - It will be the day we born. The thinking start to be mature and change, is not that birthday is not fun anymore. But we just treat it on a another way, a more mature way. To my baby, I'm appreciate that I am born and I can meet him and be the important girl in his life. To my mum, I'm appreciate that I will be forever her baby girl in her life and thanks for giving birth to me. Now my birthday is not here yet, sorry for all the ranting though xD

Anniversary is always with love! Not that I doubt =D I still haven't post my Anniversary celebration yet~~~haha!

The wedding that I attend is my church member wedding. Although that day we are late, went to Pavilion and KL town area only went back. But I'm happy to attend this wedding and you can feel lots of love when you attend a wedding! I still remember that last year June we attend wedding too =D Nothing much happen but lots of love and gonna spam my post with lots of photo that I precious it !

Me and Michelle dearie.

Me with Pamela with flats =D

Why you 2 so tall!? Can see that I am struggling to stand as same height with them xD

Some #sharonootd photo by my Michelle dearie.

Love the balloon because has the same color as my bridesmaid dress from Twenty3.

Me, Balloon and Michelle!


With Michelle!

Couple selfie #1

Couple Selfie #2

opss.. #^-^#

All our big head photo =D

Me with Pamela dear!!

Selfie with them.

Another pretty girl wearing convertible dress with me =D

Allecia dear, although she is busy didn't join us for fellowship but she insist want take photo together ya! 

Our whole body photo of the day =D

End my post with our group photo with the bride and bridegroom. Some photo taken from Michelle Camera!!

Till then. 

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