Here's my photoshooting photos with my #sharonootd I shoot last week at TTDI Park. It has been quite some time since my last shooting was on June. Because was busy with my birthday celebration and anniversary as well. When I told baby that I want to do a outfit shooting again, he quickly agree on it. I told him we can shoot at TTDI park since we are here already. I got this fresh new romper from IHF(Malaysia) and I saw that got many other online boutique selling this too. I bet this romper is selling fast also. 

I love this romper because of its color and the pattern really catch my attention. I knew this romper will suitable for nature theme since is pattern is more on tropical plant. When I wear this romper, my baby also fall in love with the outfit. He really into the mood of taking pretty photo of me wearing the romper. The outcome was very nice and I can't be thankful to have my baby as my personal photographer. We even went to another other place for shooting as well. Our shooting was after 6pm when the sun is not that hot. At first after my manicure and pedicure session, I thought that it will late for out photoshooting. But the timing is just right and we enjoy our shooting very much.

Start with some photos in the park. 

Love the brick on the sideway.

Photo with trees.

Evening sunlight.

My favorite photo.

Continue play and shooting with the sunlight.

Living in a fantasy world.

My new blog header. Baby say my blog look more relax feel after I change my header though xD. The rock of the waterfall.

Baby say last time this hang bridge is made with woods. But now they reconstruct again with steel and nylon string to strengthen the bridge.

Pretend to be shy**

Show off my new nails 

Just follow me to the place I want to be with you. This will be the last photo we took at the TTDI park. Since the front path will be the jogging path for the runner, so we decided to head back. But baby say this outfit is too pretty already and wanted to have some photoshoot in the city area. So we just wander around and we are at the Damansara Perdana again.

Blend in with the vintage wall and light.

Vintage door knock.

A simple vintage wall of 3D flower.

The big wooden door.

Details of my outfit.


I totally in love with this romper. The color is refreshing and colorful. It can let your skin looks more healthier because of its color. Although is kinda short but this romper is added with another layer and cover the short design of this romper. Make the overall look romper more elegant and convenient. I saw that romper fever is now on the heat and romper has the advantages such as you have not worry to decide what to wear it with but just grab the romper and wear it because it is one piece! Just the disadvantages would be difficult for toilet time, lolol! haha. But for me if you always headache of what to wear out or what bottom or top to wear, I encourage you guys to try on romper style =D

Closer look of my nails.

Found this half building drown in the grass.

Yeah, love this!

Red red wall.

Vintage lighting. Actually there are guard here, and we really couldn't freely having a photoshoot near this place. Baby say the lighting is very jeng, keep wan me pose with the light. This is the only one he manage to take.

Close shot of me with the vintage America street feel.

I totally love this 3 shots of my whole body shot, makes me look more pretty and slim with long legs, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee =D

Trying not to smile in my pose.

Last photo, after this whole 1 hour shooting. We were exhausted and decided to head back. I was so tired and sleepy too. I sleep straight away after dinner and wash up too! I am still enjoying my love life with my baby, at least we can do the things we like together. The outcome is still pretty awesome. I always love to do photoshooting with him although is my request. But I'm happy that he can really enjoy and proud to be his only one in his life. 

I really love IHF fashion cloths, because their style is really cool and casual. You know right, when people start to grow up their fashion style tend to change as well. I don't know about others but for me I also love to try different looks and style too. But because of working life, as teacher we need to wear more appropriate. Despite of waking up early, I really not into wearing very pretty or fashionable to school. This month weekend would not be able to share more #sharonootd with you guys because will be busy at work and church activities. But I hope I can have 1 more shooting before July ended too. Maybe just a short one will do =P Till then!

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