Wow la, back to my monthly shooting and #sharonootd post! This shooting was took during the Raya Holiday. Since my holiday was until Wednesday, I plan to have some sweet pak tor time with my babe. This Laman Belakang 3D Art has been here for quite some time. I am a huge fan for 3D street art and I finally space out some time to visit the place!! 

My baby have to go meeting at the morning. We meet for brunch and decided to go Antipodean Cafe. Its been my wanted to go cafe since few months ago. But because of work and busy life, finally we can go during this Raya Holiday. I will write a short post on what I order at Antipodean Cafe. This time I will share many photos that we took during last Wednesday. Mostly I pose at the 3D Art that I heart la, doesn't mean the other is not nice. Every 3D Art brings it own meaning and reflect the artist hardwork. That's why I always love their amazing artwork they can draw out.

When we reach the place it is raining and we have to wait inside car for about 30 minutes. The weather is very gloomy and the rain keep stop for 5 minutes and rain another 5 minutes, lol! At first Baby say why don't we postponed it? But I say since we are here we should just wait for the rain stop. Although is raining, we still saw people coming here too. We start to have our shooting around 3:30pm and you can already saw small crowds of people here at #LamanBelakang. They have this name Shah Alam Laman Seni 7.

We start from the first part left side to the right side part. Love the sky blue backgroun just match with my outfit!

First is flower made by plate and plastic spoon.

Show my sexy leg..psss xD

Smoker lung Vs Non-smoker lung.

They even have this Qr code for  a Augmented Reality vision.

Yeah, let's go have fun in the beach!

I am not tall enough to reach the seats T.T

Small introduction of each painting. elephant.

Love the series of photo taken with the yello wbackground. Love my silly laugh xD

Is so colorful!!

Small small mushroom.

Big Hippopotamus.

You will found many different color background with the door. Because too many of the backdrop and don't have any idea to pose. I start to pose some silly pose already xD

My #sharonootd
Chiffon off shoulder + Pink checker crop from Singxfashion
Denim Romper
Pastel LOVE necklace from H&M
Pastel Bangle from Times Square
Watch from HelloMissapple
Bracelet from Miniinthebox

I love this! The umbrella color is very stricking and bright.

Looks real because of it shadow on the wall.

Real life Mario.

Future air ship.

Another valley with more 3D art. The blue color is made by bottle and looks like it is flowing on the sky.

Plants more trees.

I saw this funny and wanted to pose in the male toilet xD

Snake and Ladder.

Diy Furniture Seksyen 7.

Save me!!

Found this cute handmade wooden chair and pose!!

I love the 3D painting that is super big and colorful. Until you can't really saw me where I was standing.

Ice cream cones!!

This is the last part pf the journey from the right side to the left. Basically I love of the shots. First time tie my hair to bun because I always love my hair like this, more cute and playful look. My hair color roots is black and my bun is brown color!! Since nowadays weather is hot so I decided to have my hair tied up. Bought my cute top from Singxfashion and the jumper is my Baby bought. The top is very nice because you can separate the outer wear too! At first wanted to get purple color but no stock already and I choose pink =)

Till then.

Laman Belakang 3D Art
19G, Jalan Plumbum R7/R,
Seksyen 7, 4000 
Shah Alam

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