Finally after 5 days didn't update my blog and I have whole lots of photos to be edit and post. Recently really busy with work and it's really tiring. Came to think I always feel work is really tiring but without work we don't have money to spend. I can't enjoy online shopping anymore, how torturing is that 囧!! Some how if my work time and work load can be lesser than my life will be really good. Time for some change maybe. Working almost 12 hours per day is really not my cup of tea.

Imma gonna update my blog with many outfit real soon. Start with the outfit I wear it 2 weeks ago. I hope I can have more time to post my blog here. If not I woudn't have been keep delaying my post until this long. After busy this week, I have more things to do too! Never been too easy for me! I hope weekend can come faster and I can really enjoy it! Time to share my outfit post. Recently keep wear nice nice go out and many new clothes still I haven't wear, lol. This post I wear two new outfit that I never wore before, recently came across with this new online boutique, Summerlace. Their cloth line is really sweet and feminine. Plus their price is really reasonable, love it a lot! Since I don't have any daisy outfit, when I saw their daisy romper it was quite a hit and I just bought it home!

Super soft and comfy material.

I wear strapless bra and surprisingly the romper really hold onto it and fits well!

Isn't the Daisy romper outfit look cute on me =D

I got the Butterfly necklace from them too! I got 1 daisy necklace but when I saw this butterfly necklace is really so pretty and definitely suits my daisy romper of the day. Is gold and white and is really elegant too.

Hows my bag? When I scroll through the Taiwan fashion they have many rattan bag for summer. Feel quite sad because didn't went to beach and holiday during their summer holiday. Although I didn't bought really girlish rattan bag that are really cute and nice. Instead I saw this really nature but good to use rattan sling bag. Immediately I fall in love with this bag and bought it from a Taiwan online shop, La mocha.

A last one, what I really love about this romper is there are little short pants inside the romper. The short is not too short and fits really well. I bought some romper and some are really short and not convenient to wear out too.

My Saturday Outfit 
White Daisy Romper from Summerlace
Butterfly Elegant Necklace from Summerlace
Rattan Sling Bag from La Mocha

Sunday I am wearing black outfit because have to take photo of our church worship team. This whole set is same as the model wear from Twenty3. When I saw the funky top with the studs, I just fall in love with it. The top design is by the founder of Twenty3. 

The skirt is leather skirt and both the outfit I choose M because Twenty cloths size really quite small. When you bought clothes from them you'll have to check the measurement of the item. The top I choose M because it's written fit size with no elastic but a bit loose for me for the shoulder part.

Opps..bag open xD Found my Bonita black bag and decided to match with my today's outfit.

Selfie. As you all can see the sleeve is a bit see through because is it a bit of chiffon material. It is really comfy not like some chiffon material will make me itchy.

Show you guys the details of the studs. Nice hor!? I really like it. The design of the studs with the string, looking really funky and cool! My friend asked whether I am armored and wanted to attack. == I even have one of my friend wanted to lean on my shoulder and kena poke by the studs. LOL

Came to the shoes part. I have headache which shoes I should wear for the outfit since I have not own many black flats. Only black flats for work, lol. But my baby asked me to wear this studs boots for the outfit! I really forget about this boots because have been frozen quite sometime. This boots is just perfect for my outfit!

At last, accessories part I wear some black and gold ring from H&M and my Bonita black sling bag. What a perfect black outfit with studs! Hope you guys like my outfit of the week. 

My Sunday outfit details
Suzie Top from Twenty3
Dorene Skirt from Twenty3
Bag from Bonita
Black studs Boots from Toptownshop

Can you guys imagine I can fall asleep at 7:30pm and wake at 2am. Imagine how tired I am...zzzzz

Till then!

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