20 facts about MYSELF

Tuesday, September 09, 2014 in

Hi guys, I know I post this super late because keep been tag by my friend and buddy. I wanted to write it on my blog and share it out here. Thanks for tag btw =) Recently keep working and busy, don't really have time to think of other things. This week will be less busy week for me but just staying at home really bored me, LOL.

Stop all the ranting and let's see how long can I think of the 20 facts about myself, LoL


1. I am 23 years old. ( Still young and childish)
2. I am a teacher. (Believe it or not)
3. Blogging is part of my life.
4. I am in a relationship with the most cute guy on earth.
5. I am just 156cm(155cm) tall.
6. And continue to gain weight to 48kg(ohmygawd)
7. I am a real lazy girl who always looking for some simple way to make myself looks great. 
8. I always have difficulties to choose what to wear everyday**.
9. But I always love shopping online and ended up
10. Buying clothes that I rarely wear.
11. I still enjoy wearing new clothes.
12. I love showing off new clothes I just bought. 
13. I love purple and PASTEL color.
14. Real HELLO KITTY fans.( she's a cute girl, okay!?)
15. I didn't wear make up to work.
16. I am a Shopaholic!!
17. Taiwan & Korea accessories is the BEST!
18. I always tend to follow fashion trends, such as now is the Autumn season, just feel like wanted to grab a loafer and short boots for myself.
19. I am always careless and forgetful girl.
20. I am who I am now that God has created me as =D.


End my 20 facts and I think that 20 is still not enough for me. There is still more to share about myself. But the 20 facts is basically who I really are right now. Thanks for the reading! Till then.

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