Yoohoo, another food post is here! I left some August post haven't write since is the second week of September already. Sincerely apologise but I'll be rushing out my post. September also have many post too. Guess I am really a outdoor person =='' 

But staying indoor I most probably will just blogging and edit photo. Not much things I can do since weekdays I will be busy on my work. These 2 weeks will be quite free because UPSR and school holiday is here. I can finish work early and rest. But the time is still not enough for me to use. I have too much things to do, sigh**

Blogging is still one of my favorite things to do. I will continue blogging till I die okay, finger crossed** But sometime blog is not for posting some personal stuff because if you try to scold xxx some really bad words. End up the xxx will come find you and sue you %@$*#//'%_÷/% LOL

Saturday half working day. After meeting and straight came here, we didn't decide where to lunch. Since I end my meeting 3pm, and saw this cafe is just near to our place. So babe just drive here and we just have a relaxing afternoon hi tea at Podgy & The Banker. 

I took too many of their signboard photo xD This cafe is straight behind the building, you'll have to drive to the most last part of the building only you can notice this cafe.

Self pick up after your drink and food are serve.

Love latte art.

Menu on the wall.


Order and pay at the cashier. 

Their indoor design really simple and some really antique piece you can found at their cafe.

Ta-dang , don't know what is this@@

Menu and a little flower.

Crowds on that day.

Four little small lamp.

Yellow menu sign and flower.

Their seat is really short and CUTE lol.

Simple cupboard design with glass decoration.

My Mocha, RM10 Nice and slightly bitter coffee smell.

Beef Sandwich RM13. Slice beef BBQ and onion with vege and toast bread. Super crunchy slice beef.

Chicken Avocado Sandwich RM16 Their signature sandwich, I seriously find this taste really interesting. Fresh Avocado with really tender chicken meat. Although I am not an avocado person, but this 2 ingredients really taste really great! If you think normal sandwich is too normal, try Chicken Avocado Sandwich at Podgy & the Banker.


My New Watch from FancyFancy.tw. Nice hor nice hor! Super love the color of this watch.

I love the blink blink diamond around the watch. Super elegant and lady, I think this will be my most feminine and lady watch in my watch collection.

The color is really so pastel right! They have more bright color like rainbow color too, when I got this I thought I should have choose the bright color xD

My new love bag.

This necklace is my favorite too! Is gold and it got a cross, but what I love is the long necklace design!! Taiwan accessories always have this kind of elegant design. Gold, pearl, diamond blink and long necklace design. Bough it from Rakuten, TokiChoi.

The second length of the necklace is the crown design with a super shiny diamond inside. 

SO PRETTY horrrrr..sorry for keep asking because I really love this necklace. This necklace is really suitable for any outfit, if you wear with dress it will look elegant and feminine, and if you wear with top and jeans, it will be more casual and spice out the outfit.

Ding, blink blink diamond on the cross.

Another gold and glassy accessories is my new Hello Kitty Perfume casing RM25(for 2)! Is it adorable =D Bought it from Mr Powerbank.

The surface of the face is suppose to be shiny just that it was cover by a plastic cover. That's why it look all scratch.

Back cover of my casing! I love the ribbon and the string too.


Here's my #sharonootd featured
Minty Crop Top from Hangover Collection
Boyfriend Ripped Jeans from Shoploooh

Bag and white platform from Taiwan. The link can be found in my previous post =D

Behind is tie with a small cute knot. Opps, saw my little 小可爱 that I just bought from Miucious. Recently love to wear this kind of bralette, is really convenient(lazy) to wear. Till Then!

Podgy & the Banker
Ground Floor, No 2,
Jalan Hartamas 8,
50480, Kuala Lumpur

Open hours
9am - 12midnight

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