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Finish my M boutique post and now will write a really short about my Ipoh trip. We basically went back to some of the nice places last year. But Ipoh street really do changes a lot. Some of the places turns out to be a crowded place and you can find a lots of new cafe at Ipoh too! But too bad we don't have a lot of time to visit the cafe after the M boutique. We did visit to The Lost World of Tambun Hot springs and Spa. The place I didn't take a lot of photo because my handphone keep it in the locker. That time was quite tired and quite late too. But the experience was really very enjoy and fun! Didn't went to hot springs for sometime and the experience is really relax. =D There are many people bring their family to the hot springs and the entrance for adult is RM20.

Early the next morning, we have breakfast in the hotel and went to M boutique. After M boutique, we mingle around the Ipoh small town. The famous Soya Bean, Kaya Puff and their Ho Fun! Among that area, there are many new cafes and pop up store open at there! The place is now crowed with many young peoples and it was very happening at there too!

The taste of the taofu fa is really tasty and smooth! Now they have the drive-thru as well. If you can't really find a parking near that area, you can as well drive thru. We bought 2 soya beans bottle too! Later we went to the Kaya Puff shop, and nearly got saman by the police and guess what! We spend almost 1 hour waiting and lining up for the kaya puff, lol.


49,Jalan Theatre
30300 Ipoh , Perak

For more you guys can visit my previous post

The pork satay! Still yummy and chewy as usual =D

THEAN CHUN (Hall of Mirrors)

73, Jalan Bandar Timah 
30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Opens from 9.30am onwards, until late lunch.
Closed on Thursdays 


75, Jalan Panglima (beside Kong Heng)
30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Tel No : +6012-227 2745/+605-241 8977 

Opposite the Thean Chun there have a new valley gonna renovate to some new cafe and shop!

Saw this cute little shop selling accessories and is a small cafe actually you can enjoy tea time with friends and family.

This is the valley name 二奶街,didn't actually know why this valley called this name. If you know what I mean

This valley is the valley behind Thean Chun and beside was Plan B.

Many leaf on the wall.

Last time the place is not yet open yet, I don't even know that this space is for the clay workshop. Looks fun to make though. Every steps of making the clay model required a lots of patience!

A new pop up store in this small space.

Kinda crowded with young people from Ipoh.

Love locks is available here too!

They have few pop up store behind Plan B. They have this Ice Ball that won't melt straight away and some really nice handmade craft.

The iceball cost RM15. We didn't order since we are not ice lover but We saw some of the young people bought and the iceball was quite big and you can just slurp it with straw. 

Some antique pieces.

Name magnet!

Small Handcraft store.

Some of the cafes back doors. The cafes was just side by side, you can find many cafes along the roadside.

The iceball maker.

Tin can make some beautiful accessories and the paper crane.

Pose and took photo in front of this beautiful piece! Yasmin on Perfection.

Just 1 perfect #sharonootd shot before I end my Ipoh trip post. Thanks for reading! This is a really short trip post but the journey shall came to an end. The journey at Ipoh is really unforgettable hope to back here again because haven't explore more of Ipoh yet, haha! 

Till then. 

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