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Finally wanted to blog about the short 3 days 2 nights of Ipoh trip last Christmas. It's been a while since I travel to Ipoh, and I wanted to go back there. I also miss short trips nowadays due to being really busy at work and feeling quite demotivated. But yay I will be going on a vacation soon in august. Hope that I can get some good rest and enjoy my trip.

Another one of my favorite outfits I wear during my Ipoh trip is this full white casual outfit with just a tee and a pair of shorts. This outfit I wore on the last day of our trip. For the whole Ipoh trip, we didn’t really plan much for the itinerary. On the last day of the trip, we went to some of the old buildings at Ipoh.

Here's another of my ootd post when I go to Ipoh. Here's also a new place to visit when you are in Ipoh when I visit here I was really amazed by how beautiful this place is. I didn't plan any special outfit for my Ipoh trip. But I really like this dress from dear19. This yellow color is really soft and pretty.

It's been a while since I've been back blogging. I have a lot of pending outfit posts to share on my blog, I have been spending a lot of time playing games on my phone until I have neglected my social media. It feels fun and relaxing where I do not need to think and plan anything for my social media. But I do have some products that send by the brand that I need to create content and share on my social media. So hopefully after a two-week break from work and recovering from sickness, I can get back my mood!

Finally my first post about last year's Ipoh trip, as usual, I won't be sharing all my outfits for this trip and I will have one summary post about my Ipoh Itinerary. This cafe is also one of my to-do places to visit. Although the queue that day is long luckily I would say this cafe has a lot of seating area. You can get a seat quickly. There are so many nice corners to take photos which I really like!

Ipoh One day Trip

Saturday, September 20, 2014 in , , ,
Finish my M boutique post and now will write a really short about my Ipoh trip. We basically went back to some of the nice places last year. But Ipoh street really do changes a lot. Some of the places turns out to be a crowded place and you can find a lots of new cafe at Ipoh too! But too bad we don't have a lot of time to visit the cafe after the M boutique. We did visit to The Lost World of Tambun Hot springs and Spa. The place I didn't take a lot of photo because my handphone keep it in the locker. That time was quite tired and quite late too. But the experience was really very enjoy and fun! Didn't went to hot springs for sometime and the experience is really relax. =D There are many people bring their family to the hot springs and the entrance for adult is RM20.

Early the next morning, we have breakfast in the hotel and went to M boutique. After M boutique, we mingle around the Ipoh small town. The famous Soya Bean, Kaya Puff and their Ho Fun! Among that area, there are many new cafes and pop up store open at there! The place is now crowed with many young peoples and it was very happening at there too!