Another one of my favorite outfits I wear during my Ipoh trip is this full white casual outfit with just a tee and a pair of shorts. This outfit I wore on the last day of our trip. For the whole Ipoh trip, we didn’t really plan much for the itinerary. On the last day of the trip, we went to some of the old buildings at Ipoh.

The opposite building is also a nice photo-worthy place to take photos as well. But due to time constraints, we didn’t get there to take a look. Hence here’s one of the photos I took with this building as a photo background.

The building that we are at is this Dewan Bandaran Ipoh which is also one of the old and traditional buildings in Ipoh. I realized that most of the old buildings located at Ipoh are painted in just pure white. Even though the building is old, I do like the wash-off color of white.

We took a few shots because the building is basically located beside the road.

Found bushes of bougainvillea flowers.

I really like how casual and fun my outfit of the day is. All white color is a color that is very easy and comfortable to look at. Although a full white outfit might be boring this all-white outfit does not look boring at all.

If you take a closer look at my outfit, I’m actually wearing a Sailormoon details outfit. The tee is very obvious with the Sailormoon cartoon print. But the pair of short pants and the bag are also part of Pomelo x Sailormoon collab pieces. Since I’m such a big fan of Sailormoon, I manage to purchase two of these pieces from Pomelo, both of them are so pretty and cutesy to wear!!

This pair of pants has little cute details that I really love it. This is a contrasting color with the sew line and white pants. The Sailormoon element will be at the back pockets where is it with the ribbon element and the 裤头 comes in the ruffles design. I have never seen such a cute pair of shorts in my life 😆 I also consider myself lucky because since the bottom part of my body is hard to find the bottom to fit me and this pair of shorts fit me nicely.

The bag is also one of the collab items where it is in full pink but with Sailormoon word printed on the bag. It has also the moon crescent print on the whole bag which can only be noticed when you look closer. I only add on a white hairband as accessories and wear my favorite white espadrille loafers.

Outfit Details

Top | ccc10ccc

Bottom | Pomelo Fashion

Bag | Pomelo Fashion

Birch Memorial Clock Tower

31650 Ipoh, Perak

Till Then.

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