hi guys, finally finish my Kuala Selangor 1 day trip post, now will write about my Ipoh trip. You can say that the first week of September really quite busy and the time during September passes so fast. Next week will be the last week of September already. School holiday is coming to an end and I still not ready for school yet. Leg sprained due to the dance performance, can't really stand and walk for a long time. The feeling is really kind frustrated when my leg keep pain when I am walking. Yesterday went to see doctor and apply the chinese medicine and the pain decrease.

The trip to Ipoh is a really a happy and wonderful trip. We went back to places that we went last year. We ate some of the good and nice food there. This time we even went to M boutique at Ipoh. I know this hotel through online. Their interior design is really pretty and antique. We didn't manage to stay in M boutique. Instead we just have our lunch here. When we came into the hotel, I was wow by the interior design of this hotel. It was really vintage yet antique design they have. The concept is different from other hotel and they have really put effort in designing their hotel room even shop and cafe! Because of their special and unique design of their hotel, many foreigners and outsider came to stay at M boutique just to see and take photos of their hotel. 

Lift and the vintage suitcase.

They have few country time clock on the wall.

Counter registration.

Spacious sofa seats. Love the classy wood pile floor design.

Since we are here early and there is not many crowd yet. I asked baby to help me shoot few snapshots at M boutique.

Love the big flower above my hat. Didn't always wear hat for any OOTD before when I came across this outfit decided to bring my black hat to accessorizes the whole look.

Pretty Chandelier.

Their bar is cover with super vintage frame glass that you can see through the lift.

The bar counter. During lunch and tea break, you can enjoy coffee here. During night time, you can order wine.

Behind wall is decorated with all those kampung style window match it with the chandelier.

Wine bottle was well kept here.

The ceiling is like the Christmas decorations.

My #sharonootd details:
Grey Top with Shelf bra From TokiChoi
Strip skirt with suspender from TokiChoi

If the seats inside is pack, outside is available for seats for 2 person. When you look from outside the chandelier light is super pretty and it brings you to another country.

Chilling and posing 

After the shooting, we decided to have lunch here. The ambiance here is really very nice, it is very relax to enjoy the beautiful design and the chandelier.

Couple selfie! Doesn't look like me lol.

This is how the wine kept and this area only opened during night time or event.

Tiramisu cake. RM15 Don't be fool by the photo the cake is actually quite big portion. The portion is just alright for both of us since we have order other main dish too. The Tiramisu is really awesome with the layer of the cake and the cream. Each layer is baked and applied in a very nice portion and the taste is really taste great!

Cafe Hazelnut RM12 Yummy drink! The coffee really taste great and the hazelnut taste is really smell great. 

Selfie with the coffee!

Midday Selection Lamb RM28. This is their set lunch, they have other choice but when I saw lamb can't resist from it and decided to order this. The set lunch comes with drink and cake of the day! It was really worth because the portion is big and is come with drinks and cakes =D We share the dessert and this dish together because we just wanted try their dish. The lamb was cooked nicely without any smell and the brown sauce is really tasty. The meat was chewy and it was really appetizing!

Love their counter lock. So I decided to pose here!

Poser with the vintage suitcase.

My half body shot.

Love their washroom! The pipe was really cool. 

Some of the back door design.

Their souvenir shop is really nicely design too!

The front door.

Poser mode ON! 
Decided to wear glasses since my whole outfit is a bit cool and swag. I told my baby I wanted to wear my sunglasses when we shoot outside.

The outer building design is really looks amazing too!

End my post with my selfie! If you are here at Ipoh, please do visit M boutique because their design is really AWESOME! Although we didn't manage to stay at their room, but we still manage to take nice nice photo and enjoy a lovely meal at M boutique. Really recommended this place to you guys! Don't worry if you are not familiar with places at Ipoh. You can easily search it using Google maps =D Hope to visit here again! Till Then.

M Boutique Hotel
 Hala Datoh 2, 
31650 Ipoh, Perak

Phone:05-255 5566

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