Hola, another OOTD post this month featured cloths from TokiChoi. If you have been follow my blog you have know that I been into Tokichoi product. That time I really crazy about the sales  that each of the clothes cost RM19.90 per piece and I bought a lot of their cloths. Until now I only have time to really have time to shot some of the product, LOL.

About the quality wise, I myself really love it because the quality is still worth and good. Here's some of the cloths I bought from TokiChoi. But because I bought it since July and mostly they don't have the stock already or the price is back to their original price already. Hope you guys like my post! 

MAYUKI - Faux 2-Piece Spaghetti Strap Lace Long Dress RM75 Purposely bought it to work because love to wear long dress to work. As for work I always take care of the skirt length especially I am a teacher. But who say you can't be fashionable when you are a teacher. I still love to wear pretty cloths that are suitable to wear to school. Since I am not young girls anymore, not really love to wear tight and short mini skirt anymore. This piece is really perfect for work =D 

This piece can easily match with any look you want, you can be cute with platform; be a ladylike with elegant heels; be a comfy lover with sneaker and hat! This time I mixed cute and girly fashion with this fab piece! Cute hairbun and the elegant cross =D

I am just 156cm tall and this dress length was just alright. But if you don't want your look to be short, you can just simply wear heels. 

Love the lacey lacey details, is very comfy and not spiky feel at all. You can still be formal and sexy to work, YEAH Overall the quality is still quite thick and not see through.

My First outfit of the Shoot!

 MAYUKI - Plaid Lace Chiffon Top With Pearl Detail RM60 AT first wanted to own the blue minty color but due to no stock available so I choose pink instead! I feel lucky because I didn't choose white (left white and pink only)because the pink contrast with the white color sleeve is really cute and  sweet.

The quality also quite thick and not easy see through as well! Worth the price =D

Didn't change hairstyle and eventually this look is really cute on me. The pink color suits my skin and is really soft and sweet color. Although I didn't manage to buy the blue color that I want, but this color is really very pretty as well =D

Matching both sheer quality top and skirt together! Both of the color is more on soft tone color that's why the same material of the cloths still look harmonize and cute on me.

Love the pearl detail on the cloth. I think their piece quality look directly same with the model look. 

Their sleeve come with crochet flower design with pearl again!

Lips color also same PINK PINK. I am using Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon Purple Sakura Season 01.

My Second outfit of the shoot!

Pair it with pink and pastel accessories =D Pink bracelet from TokiChoi and Pastel Elegant Watch post you can read it here. The pink pearl bracelet no stock already. Next time I will take some close details look of it =D

Tokyo Fashion - Houndstooth Sheer Chiffon Top RM45 Weee, my most love cloths from the shopping haul that I bought from TokiChoi. This top is full of surprise and it will really make you feel that you are the one and only who has it. Really unique in their design!

Tokyo Fashion design by Taiwan.

I notice that I bought many of their soft color cloths. Just now was pink and now is BLUE! This blue is not a striking blue but more to comfy and soft blue.

This piece is really nice to wear and can match with any outfit. Since I am still in Hairbun so I decided to have my outfit cute and simple look. This top can be a comfy or sexy style because of the sheer material. At first wanted to wear a Tube top only but I think in Malaysia still not that Open style yet so I just wear singlet spaghetti inside xD Lips color from  Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon Moulin Rouge Diva 05.

My Third Outfit shoot.

Tokyo Fashion - Plaid Banana Print Crop Top RM29. Finally I have a Banana Top with my favorite blue checker. The quality is quite normal for this top. But if you are not really care about their quality, this top can be a super matchy top as well!

Acting cool with this cute top with black leggings.

Many banananananananana on TOP..wee 

Letting down my hair.

Love my curl hair after the bun. Acting cool but not cute now.

My Last outfit.

Handmade Bracelet from Diary of a Miniature Enthusiast and Elegant Black watch from My_fashionhouse95(instagram).

Tokyo Fashion - Denim Mini Skirt With Embroidery Detail RM67 This is my second favorite item of the haul item I get. The quality was really nice and superb! See how pretty the embroidery details on the skirt. 

When I got this skirt, inside was a short lining details. I love skirt with short design in it because I was quite rude while sitting but this design is really super comfy to wear!

Just simply love the embroidery details on it =D

This skirt I didn't manage to shoot indoor because already wear to church once. The skirt is really very pretty and make your leg looks longer when you wear it with heels.

Pretty light blue color same as denim. One of the reason I choose this skirt is because is denim. 

*Color are affect by the indoor and outdoor light. Some I edit the color but mostly the color is same with the picture product! Don't worry =D

That's all for my OOTD from TokiChoi. I still a fan of them, always went to their websites and go through for nice and affordable cloths to buy! Can you guys imagine that I bought all the item when they are having sales for RM19.90 per piece during July. I still feel like I been in a dream because never thought of owning some super nice and good quality with such price. But don't worry because TokiChoi always have offer almost every week. Just grab and buy when you saw the offer! 


Till Then and Happy shopping loves!

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