Greatings all~ Finally will blog about a workshop I attend on the 18th of October. Thinking of should I type this post with chinese because this workshop is talk by Dr Hsieh from Neogence Taiwan. He speaks and explain in Mandarin during the workshop. This Dermo Science Lab is organised by Sasa, Malaysia. Thanks to Sasa Malaysia, you can get your skin routine right with expert beauty lesson and learn how to create your own serum. 

The workshop I register and attend is about Neogence new product, Neogence C+ Whitening + Revital serum. Hence, I got the chance to create my own personal serum base on our skin base problem! 

The beauty workshop is just located at Mid Valley, North Court(infront of AEON).

You can see big signboard about Sasa + Dermo Science Lab.

There are many skin product collaborate in Dermo + Science Lab. All mostly from Japan or Taiwan. There are Dr. G, B.liv, Dr.Young, Neogence and many more.

I was early and saw Dr Hsieh is here!

Laboratory tools.

Feels like back to Chemistry class.

All the tools for creating our own personal serum. The tools they provided is sterilize with hot water and is free from bacteria.

Let's start our Neogence journey with Dr Hsieh.

Dr Hsieh explain to us how Neogence laboratory works with all the skin profession, dermatologist and find out what really cause our skin poops out acne, uneven skin tone, pigment under hot sun. When you are at the workshop, you can able to check what's happen to you skin in the next few weeks with their Professional Skin Analyzer.

Neogence product passed test on SGS heavy metal concentration, microorganism safety and skin irritation. They make sure their product is free from MI/MCI/Pareben preservatives. 

Dr Hsieh explain to us how Neogence Whitening + Revital serum help us to whitening and prevent skin problem on our face. But before that we should know what is the reason that cause our skin problem? 

Melanin is a broad term for a group of natural pigments found in most organisms. Melanin is an effective absorber of light; the pigment is able to dissipate over 99.9% of absorbed UV radiation. Because of this property, melanin is thought to protect skin cells from UVB radiation damage, reducing the risk of cancer.

But when our skin is straight under expose to the hot sun, UV light, without any protection from skin product such as sun block, moisturizer, serum and etc. The melanin pigments will increase and hence your skin will be having darker skintone. 

After applying Neogence Whitening + Revital serum. Smooth and Non greasy texture, you can even smell some nice smell of lime!

Dr Hsieh do a really simple experiment about Melanin pigment turn black after under hot sun. Dr Hsieh prepare few small bottle and 2 bottle is with this Melanin + Ascorbic Acid and 2 bottle is just Melanin + plain water. Since we are indoor, Sasa kindly provide hot water for Dr Hsieh and the 2 bottle that contain Melanin + Ascorbic Acid remain clear and the other 2 bottle that only contain Melanin + Water become dark.

Another experiment is, after black melanin form you can still whitening it! By inserting Ascorbic Acid into the black melanin bottle and it become lighter color.

The outcome after putting Ascorbic Acid. This acid is one of the main ingredients in their new Neogence C+ Whitening + Revital Serum.

Besides UV light that cause pigmentation to our skin, there are some other factors such as our busy lifestyle, UV from computer and handphone screen, stress and other more. These factors may cause our skin area dry and wrinkle will be visible. Hence Neogence Revital means for Vitamin C that can increase skin energy and facilities and reduces dull cause by stress.Vitamin C even helps to eliminating melanin and whitening. Vitamin C can gives us glowing skin and charge our skin energy level for healthy skin! 

Besides that, Neogence add some Caffeine with Vitamin C to promotes circulation and provides oxygen to skin. To improve our circulation on our skin that cause by stress and harmful UV.

After the small explanation about their product, we will be brief about the next session of the workshop. Creating our own personal serum!

Just like I mention earlier, every tools they provide was sterilize by hot temperature in their laboratory. 

1. Pour out 20cc of Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence into the big plastic test tube.

They provide 3 Whitening ingredients for us.

And 3 Anti Aging ingredients for us. 

But not all ingredients can use together, some can just stands out alone and some is limit to 6cc of 9cc.

Average per ingredient we put is just 3cc and the small test tube only until 15cc. You can just decided what skin problem you wish to improve, anti-aging or whitening and you can start to choose your own ingredients and start to drip into the 15cc small plastic test tube. 

For me, I wish to improve my fine wrinkle, Vitamin C is a must for me. I put 6cc of Vitamin C, a-Arbutin 3cc, A.P.S+a-Lupaline 3cc and Matrixyl 3000 3cc.

2. Choose your own suitable ingredients base on your skin, total 15cc in the small test tube.

3. After the ingredients, we need to start mixing the ingredients with Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence.

4. Stir the mixture until the texture is smooth and gluey.

5. Final step will be pour out the mixture into the serum bottle they provided! 

6. Woooola and we are done! They provide their sticker as well, just write the ingredients down. You can keep it at least for 2 month if you put it in refrigerator and 1 month if for normal room temperature.

Group Photo after the workshop.

Thanks Dr Hsieh for sharing such informative skin solution for us!

Don't forget you can buy Neogence product at any Sasa Outlets =D 

I was really happy and grateful because being part of this workshop. It open my knowledge about Skin beauty ingredients that we barely know them. Its really important when you wanted to buy a skin product you have to understand what benefit the product gives you. How does the ingredients works on your face, what is their function when you apply it on your face. Our skin and face is very important for us because that's what give the first impression to others. I really enjoy this workshop and wanted to thanks Sasa Malaysia for giving us opportunity to learn and understand more about Dermo + Science beauty product!

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